Your dashboard is a one-stop shop for personal commuting info, planning trips, logging your trip, and participating in rewards and other programs.

The dashboard is made up of widgets, which may vary slightly depending on how your organization’s version of RideAmigos has been configured:

My Commute Widget

My Commute Widget

This widget shows a high-level snapshot of your commuting options. 

If you haven’t already saved a commute trip, you’ll be prompted to do so in order to use the My Commute widget.

Select one of your saved commutes to review your options, and enter a date and time for your commute to check the weather.

From here, you can also manage your carpool, invite other users to be part of your carpool, and manage your carpool memberships.

Learn more about the My Commute Widget.

Trip Planning Widget

The trip planning widget allows you to search for and view all of your commuting options from home to work or any other origin and destination.  For more details on how the trip planning widget works, check out our trip planning article.

Trip Logging Widget

This widget gives you the ability to keep track of your commute trips as you participate in rewards, challenges, and other programs.  Select the days on the calendar that you want to log for, add where you went, fill in departure time, return time, one-way distance, and mode of travel, then hit ‘Log’ and you’re all set!

After you’ve logged your trips, you can switch to the history view using the button on the top left. Select the dates on the calendar to view your triplog history, or click on My Trip Report for a downloadable version of your triplogs.

My Rewards Widget

What’s even more fun than carpooling with friends or biking to work? Getting rewarded for it! The My Rewards widget gives you an easy way to check your progress toward reward programs, claim rewards, and even discover new reward options.

Click “View All Rewards” to all your active, available, and completed programs.

Leaderboard Widget

The leaderboard widget displays your overall rankings compared to other commuters. Depending on your platform’s configuration, you may see a leaderboard for any current challenge, or for all-time leaders from across your platform. 

To view any challenges you are participating in or eligible for, click View All My Challenges.