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Your dashboard is your one stop shop for personal commuting info, planning your trip, logging your trip, and monitoring your performance against that of your peers.  The dashboard is made up of five distinct widgets:

User Profile Widget

This widget shows a high-level snapshot of your commuting habits.  For more detail on your trips including a breakdown of your daily commuting patterns click ‘My Stats’.

The user profile widget also shows you the badges you’ve earned for commuting milestones.  Clicking on the badge directly will allow you to share it on Twitter and elsewhere.

Finally, the user profile widget provides a quick link to your personal profile page for easy editing without having to search for it.

Trip Planning Widget

The trip planning widget allows you to search for and view all of your commuting options from your home to work or any other origin and destination.  For more details on how the trip planning widget works, check out our trip planning article.

Trip Logging Widget

This widget is just one of the many ways you can log your trips and it’s super simple and right there on your dashboard.  Simply pick the day on the calendar that you want to log for, select the trip that you took, fill in departure time, return time, one way distance, mode and hit ‘Log’ and you’re all set!

Favorite Trips and Recent Searches Widget

Favorite Trips are trips that may be shared with others for trip-matching.  This includes carpooling, vanpooling, bikepooling, etc… your trip preferences include the starting point/destination, one-way or round-trip, sharing options, and other custom preferences (e.g. gender, smoking, music, etc.).  These trips can also be kept private, but are incredibly useful for re-creating searches or for logging trips.

Recent Searches show your searches made through the trip planner. You can choose to make the search a favorite, “quick launch” these searches, or reverse the search, to instantly populate the trip planner page.

Leaderboard Widget

Last, but certainly not least, the leaderboard widget displays overall rankings for non-SOV trips taken, and also displays a leaderboard for any challenges you may be a part of.  Simply use the drop-down menu at the top of the widget to select which leaderboard you are interested in seeing.