Getting Started

If you don’t already have a RideAmigos account, follow the steps below and one will be created for you. If you already have an account, you can go through these same steps or simply acquire a connect code in the “Connected Apps” section of your user profile page on your RideAmigos account. It’s up to you!

Note for Android users: you must have Google Play Services, a common app dependency, installed before using our app. If you are prompted to install Google Play Services when opening the app, follow their installation instructions before using Commute Tracker.

Setup Steps

  1. Open Commute Tracker and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy to begin.
  2. When prompted, grant the app permission to use your location. This permission is essential to proper functioning.
  3. The application should automatically detect the commute programs near you and display the appropriate program icons. If you already have a connect code, you can click “Have a connect code?” and skip ahead to step 5.
  4. Tap to choose your commute program and enter your email address to create an account. You will receive an email with your connect code. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the connect code to arrive.
    1. If this is your first time connecting to this site, an account will be created for you.
    2. If you already have an account with this site, Commute Tracker will sync to your existing account
  5. Enter the 6-character connect code in the space provided.
  6. Finally, enter the street addresses for your home and work locations in the spaces provided. Commute Tracker uses this information to detect trips between your home and work, so make sure they’re entered accurately.

    (Specific street addresses are required for both home and work in order for Commute Tracker to detect trips. General addresses such as “city, state” do not allow Commute Tracker to recognize when you’ve left your home or reached your workplace and therefore the app will not identify or log trips.)

Detecting Trips

The Commute Tracker app detects trips between your home and work location using your phone’s location service. As long as your phone is with you and location services are turned on, the app should be able to detect and track trips with no further action on your part.

Trips will show up on the app’s dashboard page as they’re detected, along with a summary of your past activity. If a trip is missing, you can swipe down to refresh the page. This will force the app to review the latest location data and see if new trips are found. Depending on the phone model and location settings it can take up to 30 minutes after the end of a trip for it to be detected.

When a trip is detected, it shows up on your dashboard with an approximate time of day and destination (home or work.) 

Confirming Trips

Your dashboard shows a list of your latest detected trips. To confirm a trip, tap the “choose mode” button and select the mode you used for the trip. You should see your summary update to reflect the new trip. You may need to pull down to refresh the summary information.

Once the trip is confirmed, you should see it immediately on the RideAmigos platform and be able to use it to redeem incentives that you are eligible for.

Rejecting Trips

On occasion, the app may erroneously detect a trip where none occurred. When that happens, simply tap the trash icon next to the trip. A rejection dialogue will pop up where you can offer feedback on why you rejected the trip.

Troubleshooting Detection Issues

Ensure Proper Configuration

Before reporting an issue, please make sure the Commute Tracker app is configured properly to ensure detection runs smoothly.

  1. Make sure the app has proper permissions to detect trips. Having background location permissions is essential to detecting trips.
    1. For iOS (Apple) users, make sure that the Commute Tracker has the “always” permission set for Location in app settings.
    2. For Android users, make sure the app has “High Accuracy” location permissions
  2. Ensure your home and work locations are set properly. In the app menu, go to “My Places” and ensure that your home and work addresses appear and are correct.
  3. Make sure your phone is fully charged when commuting. Many phones turn off or reduce the accuracy of location features when the phone is low on battery. Before reporting an issue, see if you can reproduce the problem when the phone is at high battery.

Still Have Questions?

Check out the Commute Tracker FAQ for more answers!

Please let us know about your app usage and how we can make your experience even better!