Depending on how your RideAmigos platform is configured, users may self-register with their name and email address, or they may be required to authenticate via your organization’s single sign-on (SSO) system.

How SSO Registration Works

When SSO is used as the authentication method for RideAmigos, the first time a user accesses the platform, an account is created based on the information received from the SSO connection. At a minimum, this must include name and email address information.

If other pertinent user information is available from SSO, it can also be added to the user’s RideAmigos account, such as an employee or student ID number, home or work ZIP Codes, addresses, etc. Depending on the information passed, we may be able to automatically assign users to networks, but often such detailed information is not included in the sign-on authentication response.

Additional Registration Questions

Because SSO bypasses the usual RideAmigos registration system, collecting any additional information you need from users must happen when they first log into the platform.

Examples of information you may need to collect:

  • Home / Work ZIP Codes or addresses
  • Location or Department for network assignment
  • Employee ID
  • Usual commute mode
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions

These additional questions can be asked via a pop-up on the user dashboard upon login.

Firs Login Post-registration Questions Screen

If you need to display such additional questions after SSO login on your system, please submit a ticket to our support team.

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