User and Network Challenges

What better way is there to get users involved with alternative transportation than through a challenge where they compete against their coworkers that allows them to gain rewards through active trip logging?  The Unity platform allows network and system administrators to cater to their user base what kind of program they would like to run. Through this module you and your network managers have the ability to construct competitions between users and networks to promote a healthy drive for bettering their commute.

As a Level 1 System Administrator, you may:

  • Create Challenges, whether for the entire system or specific networks
  • Report on or Edit any challenge within the system

As a Network Manager, you may:

  • Create Challenges for any networks or users groups you manage
  • Report on your own challenges and view user statistics relating to the challenge

As a User, you may:

  • View Challenges that are currently available to you
  • View your standing in your current challenges
  • Request team/network creation in relation to specific challenges

Here’s an example of the details you may add to create a challenge:

  • Name: Winter Trip Challenge
  • Description: A little bit about the challenge that you are running (Markdown formatting can be used on this)
  • Challenge Start Date: 01/01/2015
  • Challenge End Date: 02/28/2015
  • Challenge Criteria: Non-SOV Trips (any mode you have on your system is available here)
  • Who is competing? All Leaderboards (this will show two leaderboards, one for networks and one for users)
  • What Teams/Networks are competing? All Networks (teams and networks are the same thing)
  • Point of Contact: Grant

Logos are not currently able to be uploaded and color/design is not customizable.

A non-logged in user would see this upon going to the challenge page.



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