Need to log some trips to participate in a challenge or just want to track your progress towards a greener commute? No problem! RideAmigos has you covered right from your dashboard.

To log a trip:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to your dashboard and look in the lower left, you’ll see a calendar with a form to the right.
  3. Today is already selected if you just want to log your day’s commute, but you can also select other days in the past if necessary!
  4. Pick when you departed on this trip. If you are logging a round trip, choose when you returned as well. Only logging one way? Just click “No Return Trip”
  5. Put in your distance for your trip. If logging by favorite saved trips are enabled for your system, you can also pick from your saved trips and it will calculate the distance for you.
  6. Choose what mode you used (such as carpool or bike)
  7. Hit log and you’re all done! Come back tomorrow and all this information will be saved for you so you only have to click Log Trips and you’ll be all set.


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