Users: Can’t do much without them.

By completing this user management training module for RideAmigos site administrators, you will be able to perform all major functions related to creating and managing users within RideAmigos.

  • Understand methods and options for user registration
  • View, edit, and create users
  • Reset user passwords
  • Create new system administrators
  • Proxy as a user

Estimated Time for Completion: 30 minutes

(Each lesson will open in a new window so you can easily return to this module.)

Lesson 1a: User Self-Registration (~ 2 minutes)
Lesson 1b: User Registration via Single Sign-On (~ 2 minutes)

Generally RideAmigos sites use either self-registration OR single sign-on connected to an existing organizational authentication server. This decision is generally made during scoping and onboarding. You may still want to review both methods to familiarize yourself with the platform’s capabilities.


  • Confirm whether your site uses self-registration or single sign-on.
  • If your site uses self-registration, determine whether you are using domain restriction for sign-ups.
  • Review your site’s registration-related questions to ensure you’re gathering the information your program needs.
  • If changes need to be made to your registration process, submit a ticket to our support team.

Lesson 2: Viewing, Editing, and Creating Users (~ 10 minutes)

An introduction to and explanation of the admin dashboard’s user management features.


  • Manually create two new users: “[YourName]Test BasicUser” and “[YourName]Test NetworkManager” (e.g. AlexTest BasicUser)
  • You may use fake or non-functional email addresses for these users, or alternate email addresses you control.
  • During or after user creation, add the tag “Test” to your users and give them example home and work addresses.

Lesson 3: Resetting User Passwords (~ 5 minutes)

Users sometimes forget their passwords, or passwords need to be changed for security. Here’s how.


  • Manually change the passwords for the example users you created just created to something memorable and secure.

Lesson 4: Proxy as User (~ 5 minutes)

One of the most powerful user management tools available to administrators is the ability to view the site as any user.


  • Use the Proxy as User tool to log in as “[YourName]Text BasicUser” to view the site as a basic user that is logging in for the first time.
  • Explore your site for a few minutes, then be sure to log out of the test account to return to your administrator account.

Lesson 5: Creating New Administrators (~5 minutes)

How to give trusted users full access as system administrators.


  • If there are other users already on your platform with which you intend to share administrator privileges you can upgrade them now.
  • For future administrators that do not yet have accounts, ask them to create accounts, after which you can make them administrators.

Module Review

After completing all of the assignments for this module you should have created the following in your platform:

  • User: [YourName]Test BasicUser
  • User: [YourName]Test NetworkManager
  • Both of these users should have some basic example data:
    • Tagged as “Test”
    • Home & Work addresses
    • Any other example data you want to test

Double-check that you have successfully created all of the above objects and associations, they will be referenced in future modules.

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