Engagement FAQ

Joining and Competing in Challenge Programs

How do I join a challenge?

When you receive a link to join a challenge, go to that page and you will be able to see if you are currently competing. If not, you have a couple ways to join!

  • Email the challenge leader to join a network that is already competing.
  • Join a public network that is competing.
  • Create your own team by filling out the “Team Creation Request” form.

If it is a system-wide challenge, you are automatically entered once you log your first eligible trip!

I have logged eligible trips, why isn’t my rank changing?

Challenge statistics are refreshed every 2 hours. So take a break and learn some new ninja moves and check back in a little while!

How is rank determined?

Your rank is determined by the criteria set forth by the challenge. It may be by number of trips of a specific type, distance, or based off of specific impact reports. Keep competing and ranking up! The top 100 users will show on the challenge page, but all challenge participants will be shown in the final reports sent to the challenge managers (only your name, email, and challenge participation statistics will be shared with challenge managers).

Why isn’t my network showing in the leaderboards?

If your network is private (not publicly joinable), then it will not be shown on the public leaderboards. Your network is competing, but not publicly viewable. If your network is not private and is not showing, contact the challenge manager to make sure that it is accurately selected as a competing network.

Can I start my own challenge?

Send a message to your site administrator and inquire! Click here to email: help@rideamigos.com

Finding and Joining Incentives

Where can I find Incentives that I am eligible for?

From your navigation bar up top, click on the Incentives tab. If you have any incentives available to you, they will be shown in the ‘Available’ section. To start an incentive, click on the ‘Start Incentive’ button and you’re all set to go!

Where can I find Incentives that I am currently working on?

From your navigation bar up top, click on the Incentives tab. You will then want to click on the ‘Active’ tab in the top left. You will see any incentives that you have started and are actively working on. If you have completed the requirements for an incentive, this is also where you will be able to click and claim your incentive.

I have not received my incentive reward yet, who do I contact?

If you have claimed an incentive and have not heard from your incentive manager after a while, you can contact them by going to your ‘Completed’ incentives area and finding their contact information on the bottom of the incentive card. Send them a quick email and you’ll be good to go!

Finding and Creating Events in Your Area

What is the Events feature?

At the top of the page is a link to the Events module. Looking to host an event at your venue and post information about it on your website? Do you have an important meeting that everyone has to travel to? Is your employer hosting a fundraising event that requires employees to travel to? Want to find the best way to get people to an event or find a ride to share? The new Events module is here to help with that and more. Explore the events module today!

Where can I find out what is happening in my area?

From your navigation bar up top, click on the Events tab, then click on ‘View Events’. This will show you the upcoming events in your area. To find out more, just click on the event and it will take you to a page with further details and the ability to do a trip plan search. Once you do your search you’ll be able to see who else is carpooling and join in!

If I create a carpool for an Event, will it show to normal commuters?

Nope! If you create a carpool on an Event specific search, only those that are searching for that event will be able to see your carpool.

Can I create my own Events?

Definitely! Click on ‘Events’, then click on ‘Add New Event’. Just input all the details required and you’ll be all set! If you want it to be publicly accessible and show in the ‘View Events’ area, just set it to Public. If you only want your friends to know about it, set it to Private

How can I share my Event?

Once you have your event created, go to the event’s edit page. You will see a ‘Share/Embed’ tab. Click on that and you will be given a few ways to market your event. You can either send out the link, which will bring people to your Event’s page, or you are able to easily grab an iFrame and place it on your own webpage!



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