Ensuring a smooth transition on your TDM platform

A cheat sheet for success

This document is intended to provide a transition checklist for those switching to RideAmigos from another TDM platform. It is meant to help you categorize transition efforts and understand what to look for in order to mitigate risk and maximize productivity during the transition.

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Step 1: Technology Check

Browser Compatibility

  • Assess existing clients browser types/versions and what percentages of each are being used.
  • Encourage companies using older browsers to upgrade to newer ones before launch.
  • Check that the critical feature sets are available for those with older browsers.

Step 2: Data Check

Data Collection/Reporting

  • Metrics you use for reporting are comparable/translatable. If not, ensure that your stakeholders and managers understand the differences and new procedures.
  • Previous data that you are looking to transfer must be exportable to a clean CSV file.

User / Trip / Network Data

  • All data that you would like transferred to the new system is mapped correctly before importing to new system.
  • All fields in the new system that need to be populated are not left blank.

Feature Specific Data

  • Vanpool data to be entered into the system is available and that all points are geocodable.
  • Schoolpool data is available and has all required fields available.

Step 3: User Experience Check

Matching & Mode Options

  • Relevant GTFS is up to speed and/or available at all. Multi-jurisdictional transit agencies may not be as seamless as you wished.
  • Biking: Encourage users to improve the Open Street Map database to improve the cycling and walking route results.

Design and Branding

  • All design requirements and logos are available so that the homepage may be recognizable and branded with your information.

User Trip Data

  • Take advantage of reward mechanisms early on: badges, gamification & challenges, incentive programs, etc.
  • Not enough carpools listed? Make sure to remind your users to save their trips and share them with other users.

Step 4: Communications Check


  • Communicate with your users to re-join their networks upon entering the new system. This can be done via the Edit Profile area. This will keep your network reporting in good standing after the transition.

Employers & Networks

  • Employers within your system have whitelisted the support@rideamigos.com email so that the welcome or merge email will not be placed in junkmail folders.
  • Create a Q&A document for communicating how the new system differs. Include in this standard lines to be used with all clients (for a unified launch).


  • Give yourself ample time to test and become comfortable with the system. Involve your stakeholders for greater visibility and readiness for the transfer.
  • Present the roll-out schedule to your stakeholders visually (i.e. Gantt chart), and understand in advance which milestones are fixed and which are flexible.