Peter Williamson, Employee Outreach Coordinator
San Louis Obispo Council of Governments

From the early days of the RideAmigos Academy, Peter has been a top contributor. From participating in Coffee Talk conversations to leading his own Coffee Talk X initiative for his organization’s super commuters, Peter is a huge part of the RideAmigos family.

Coffee Talks

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Pre-Tax, Subsidies, & Partnerships - Exploring Win-Win Benefits | SLOCOG

Gain a better understanding of transit/vanpool pre-tax fringe commuter benefits or non-reportable income subsidies under federal law. Hosted by Peter Williamson of SLOCOG / iRideshare.
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All Star Challenge | SLOCOG & SBCAG

SLO County’s chosen employer representatives will go head-to-head with the best employers of Santa Barbara in this year’s first-ever Bike to Work Week Challenge! We'll get both sides on a Coffee Talk call on May 11th to discuss the challenge, which will run May 15th through 19th.
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Preparing for Bike Month 2017 | SLOCOG & SBCAG

SLOCOG & SBCAG team up for a great session on preparing for bike month.
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Incentives Make a Difference | SLOCOG

For this month's event we'll talk about how to keep participation going for the holidays and how to use incentives to change behavior and collect important data.
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Spotlight Your Club With Quick Data Pulls | SLOCOG

Successes/lessons from Rideshare Week, a new feature that lets you sort and pull any type of your user trip log data, and highlighting the Trip Reduction Plan (TRP).
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Getting There Together | SLOCOG

This month's SLOCOG Coffee Talk X focuses on preparations for Rideshare Week, a new earn a bike program, and using the platform to promote carpools and bikepools. Tune in to learn more!
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Sub-Networks and Challenges | SLOCOG

The first ever Coffee Talk X! If you’ve attended a RideAmigos Coffee Talk, this will be similar, but targeted to our local SLO audience. Topics include a quick program inventory of the Back 'N" Forth Club and ow to use networks and challenges to engage your workforce to make smart commute choices.
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Incentives and Events Forum

An exciting panel discussion with representatives from three different major metro transportation organizations to explore how to make the most of RideAmigos incentive and event modules.
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@HiddenCashSLO & A Multi-Faceted Approach to Rideshare Week

SLOCOG will share their success with @HiddenCashSLO, a social media scavenger hunt that has attracted local media and thousands of new audience members. Other Rideshare Week approaches will be discussed, including: Employer Transportation Fairs International Walk to School Day Employer VS Employer non-SOV challenge on iRideshare #LetsGetVisible