Custom Dashboard Widgets

Do you need to display special information about your commuter program to your users? An easy way to do so is via a custom widget on the user dashboard.
My Commute Widget

My Commute Widget Overview

The My Commute widget on the RideAmigos user dashboard is your one-stop location for planning and preparing for your commute. Here's a quick overview of all its features.

Release Notes: Week of 04/04/2016

We have some exciting new options for your system. Check out the release notes!

Release Notes: Week of 1/18/2016

Release Notes for the week of January 18th, 2016. This post details the updates and fixes to Point Programs and Incentives, Dashboard, the Network Join Page, Schoolpool, the Transition from IE8 and IE9, and a set of other miscellaneous updates

Release Notes: December, 2015

View the latest release notes and a look back on the new items that were launched in 2015!

Release Notes: Week of 11/9/2015

Release Notes for the week of November 9th, 2015. This post details updates and fixes to Challenges, Single Sign On, Triplogs, the User Dashboard, and Advanced Reporting.

Release Notes: Week of 08/10/2015

Release notes! We're wrapping up quite a bit, so look for another potential post mid-next week as well!

Release Notes: Week of 01/05/2015

Whoa, it's a whole new year with new things coming! A couple…

Office Hours

Office Hours 1/29/20

Join us for our first Office Hours of 2020!This month we'll be discussing feature and product updates that will be coming your way over the course of the coming quarter and answering any and all questions you have about RideAmigos products and programs.

Coffee Talks

Coffee Talk Featured Image

Reducing Parking Demand at MIT, Using Dashboards to Impact Commuter Behavior

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working with RideAmigos to bolster new commuting benefits at their Cambridge, MA campus, to achieve a 10-15% reduction in parking demand. See how integration with multiple data streams can result in huge increases in logged trips.
Coffee Talk Featured Image

Beyond Bike to Work Day, How Google Is Expanding TDM Programs

Leveraging Bike to Work Day's popularity is an excellent way…