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General Information

As a biker, walker, or runner you may already be using Strava to track your trips or workouts.  Now you can use Strava to log trips made to and from work as commutes directly to your RideAmigos account and have them count towards incentives and challenges you may be participating in.

First, check to see if Strava is activated in your area.  If so, you will find instructions for connecting located under the ‘Connected Apps’ portion of your profile.  If you don’t see Strava there, but would like to use it, contact your site administrator and let them know!  Once Strava is activated on your platform, you will be able to link your Strava account with your RideAmigos account by following the instructions found in ‘Connected Apps’.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why does RideAmigos request access to my private Strava data?

We need access to your private data so that we can detect commute trips that you may not wish to be public on Strava.

Can you detect two commute trips from a single round trip Strava activity?

We will not detect a commute if you log both your morning and evening commutes as a single round-trip activity. Strava does not use time data that correlates with the map data, leaving us unable to detect that you stopped at the office, compared to a trip to the store that happens to pass your office but is not a commute.

Are past commutes from Strava logged to RideAmigos? Can they be?

At this time, we only start sync’ing trips from Strava after you authorize the connection.

How Do I disconnect RideAmigos from my Strava account?

After you connect, there will be a “Disconnect” option on the “Connected Apps” section of your profile. When this option is selected, our access to your Strava account will be revoked.

Why hasn’t my commute logged on Strava shown up on my RideAmigos account?

The following conditions may prevent your Strava commute from showing up on RideAmigos.

  • Confirm on the Connected Apps page of your RideAmigos profile that Strava is shown as “Connected”
  • If you just posted your commute to Strava, give the activity about 10 minutes to sync
  • Confirm that your work address is entered in your RideAmigos account profile.
  • Check the Strava activity type. We currently support “Ride” and “E-Bike Ride” as bike trips. For walk trips, we support the Strava activity types of “Walk”, “Hike”, “Run” and “Inline Skate”
  • Check that your activity has a map that starts or ends near your work place. We don’t support manually entered commutes on Strava.

A commute is detected whether or not you use the “Commute” flag in Strava.

If you’ve checked all the above and you still don’t see Strava commutes appearing in your trip log history on RideAmigos,
please contact support using the at the bottom of this page so we can review the case.

Will data still be sent to RideAmigos if I use another service to sync to Strava?

Yes! As long as the sync’d data contains map data and a supported activity type, RideAmigos will be notified about the activity as soon as it is synced to Strava.

3rd Party Connections

Third party services that sync with Strava

These additional devices and/or services sync with Strava and may therefore be used to log commute trips.  Those that have been tested will be denoted with an asterisk (*).  Should you want to inquire about the feasibility of an untested device or service please use the support form below.  Some are supported directly by Strava, others are supported through additional connective apps such as Tapiriik or FitnessSync.

Directly supported by Strava

  • Garmin Connect*
  • Suunto
  • TomTom
  • Fitbit
  • Polar
  • SRM PC8
  • Mio
  • Wahoo
  • Microsoft Band
  • Soleus
  • Timex
  • Bryton
  • Sigma
  • Lezyne

Supported by Tapiriik

  • RunKeeper
  • Endomondo
  • Ride With GPS
  • SportTracks
  • TrainingPeaks
  • TrainAsOne
  • Pulsstory
  • Motivato
  • Velo Hero
  • Trainer Road
  • Smash Run
  • Beginner Triathlete
  • Epson Runsense

Supported by FitnessSyncer 

  • Apple Workout
  • Atlas Wearables
  • Cycling Analytics
  • DailyMile
  • Google Fit
  • HealthValut
  • iHealth
  • JawBone
  • LifeFitness
  • MapMyRide / MapMyRun
  • Microsoft Health
  • Misfit
  • Samsung Health
  • Sony Lifelog
  • Todays Plan
  • Withings

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