Big changes are coming to RideAmigos in the coming months! In addition to the release of our Commute Tracker 2.0 app, we’re also preparing to launch some significant revisions to our cloud-based web platform. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

Site Navigation

Everything you need, right from the navigation bar! Whether you’re a user, a network manager, or a system administrator, our new navigation arrangement makes all the functions you need easily accessible, without having to dig into other pages.

User Dashboard

My Commute Widget

This all-new widget will replace the ‘Favorite Trips (Saved Commutes) / Search History’ widget. Instead of just a static box listing saved trips, the new My Commute widget lets users engage with their commute and see what their options are right from the main dashboard. This new widget (and accompanying modals) includes all of the functionality of the previous widget, but with a much stronger emphasis on educating and empowering users to make smart mode choices. 

  • Review and edit saved commutes
  • View commute options related to each saved commute’s origin and destination
    • Adjust preferred departure or arrival date and time
    • Switch commute direction as necessary
  • View weather forecast based on the time and location of upcoming commutes (powered by DarkSky)
  • Manage Carpools and Bikepools associated with saved commutes
  • Review Carpool, Vanpool, and Bikepool memberships
  • Create new Saved Commutes 

Profile Stats Widget

The updated profile stats widget provides users with at-a-glance impact statistics and badges earned. Users can see how many alternative trips and miles they’ve logged and review their full statistics by clicking the ‘My Stats’ button.

Badges Widget

Badges are now split out into their own widget for easier viewing and placement. Badges are displayed in order of the user’s highest-count achievement.

Commute Tracker Widget

The widget promoting Commute Tracker has been updated to match our new overall visual theme. In addition, users now have the option of clicking a link and sending their connect PIN to themselves via email, which they can then open on their mobile device to confirm connection with the app.

Rewards Widget

Users can quickly review their progress toward the reward programs they’re currently enrolled in. h(Rewards includes both incentives and point programs.)

Other Widgets

Of course, all our other widgets have been updated to reflect our new theme, too. These include the trip logging widget, which has also been given better legibility and keyboard controls, leaderboard widget, trip search widget, rideboard widget, and others.

Trip Planning


Many bikeshare systems have begun sharing information using the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS), a standardized data feed for bike share system availability. If your local bikeshare supports GBFS we can add this information to both our routing for bike trips, as well as to the map as a real-time layer. (If your bikeshare provider doesn’t provide a GBFS feed, please ask them to support this important industry standard!)


Support for rideshare / TNC options is coming! We’re starting by integrating with Lyft, but are working on adding more providers in the future.


Point Programs and Incentives are now combined in a new Rewards area. This gives users a one-stop shop to review progress and redeem eligible items.


The challenges area has received a complete style overhaul, providing users with a streamlined, easy-to-navigate experience. Time remaining is clearly displayed, along with the criteria and description of the challenge. Challenge stats are quickly accessible on the right, and the full, redesigned leaderboard is just a quick click away.


New user registration has been streamlined and re-styled to provide a smoother experience. We’ve also increased the ability to gather additional user information as part of the registration and onboarding process.


The Admin dashboard has received some styling love to match our other new stats displays, and the management pages for challenges, incentives, and point programs have also been updated. In addition, admins will find new interfaces for creating these programs with improved navigation and usability.