RideAmigos allows you to set up your site so that your users can login using your own site’s sign-on credentials.

You can set up Single Sign-On as the exclusive option or in addition to built-in platform registration.

RideAmigos supports both SAML and Google OAuth for Single Sign-On integration.

Supported SAML Integrations

  • Shibboleth
  • OneLogin
  • Active Directory
  • Azure Marketplace

Google OAuth Integration

  • Google Apps / G Suite

Other Services

Other Single Sign-on options are possible using an intermediary like OneLogin to translate between other services and SAML.

Two Factor Authentication Support

RideAmigos does not support Two Factor Authentication (2FA) natively. However, when you choose to require a Single Sign-On option, your third-party login service is welcome to implement any authentication scheme, including the requirement of Two Factor Authentication.

For example, you could choose to have users logins with their Google G Suite accounts, and then set a policy in G Suite that mandates Two Factor Authentication.

More Information

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