An emergency ride home (or guaranteed ride home) program is a critical part of any robust commuter program.  Having an ERH program helps your employees feel comfortable making alternative commute choices with the assurance that they will be able to get home quickly in the event of an emergency.  To set up an ERH program in your RideAmigos platform, you’ll need to make a few initial decisions:

  1. Who will be eligible for your ERH program and what are those requirements?
  2. How many rides will you be offering to your employees/users?
  3. Over what time period?
  4. Will there be a cost limit on the rides taken?
  5. How will you provide  rides?

Once you have answers to the above questions, you’re ready to get started.  You’ll want to set-up the ERH program using the Point Program tool by the following simple steps:

  1. Create a new program and name it, add details, and a point of contact
  2. Set program criteria
    1. Choose any mode and enter 0 for the number of points earned for each log (this is a required field but for ERH/GRH users won’t be earning points for specific modes);
    2. There is no maximum number of points that can be earned per day;
    3. Users automatically start with points equal to the number of rides you determined you would offer in question 2 above;
  3. Set trip-log dates to match the time period chosen in question 3 above
  4. If you are applying the program to a specific user group or users that have completed the requisite steps to be eligible, choose the network corresponding to that user group
  5. Create an inventory item
    1. Quantity = unlimited, unless you’re using Lyft/Uber codes in which case the quantity would be the number of codes available;
    2. Per user = the number from question 2 above;
    3. Cost = 1;
  6. Choose a delivery method
    1. Voucher
      1. To utilize a voucher for distribution of rides you will need to provide a clean copy of the voucher to your RideAmigos account manager with fields that you would like to have auto-populated/user input;
      2. RideAmigos support staff will create a digital inventory voucher item for you;
      3. You will choose this item as your delivery method within the point program.
    2. Lyft/Uber code
      1. Procure codes for the service selected. These will likely be a specific discount amount rather than a full fare
      2. Create a digital inventory item for your Lyft codes
        1. Name the inventory item something descriptive
        2. Choose ‘Lyft Codes’ from the redemption workflow
        3. Save the inventory item
        4. Scroll down and add codes by clicking ‘add codes’ button
        5. Save the inventory item
      3. Choose your named Lyft codes for the ‘delivery method’
    3. Reimbursement
      1. Use Typeform or a similar tool to create a form to gather any required information for reimbursement, including file uploads for receipts.
      2. Create a digital inventory item that will link to your new form:
        1. Choose the Custom/Advanced redemption workflow
        2. Choose custom link/url and include the link to your reimbursement form
        3. Choose this item as your delivery method within the point program