Schoolpool Seminar

Questions posed during Seminar Q&A:

Q: As an opt-in parent, am I able to edit what information is shared?

A: Due to requirements in the system for geocoding and giving enough information to other possible schoolpool parents; email and address are currently required.  When a parent joins, the information that will be shared is expressed.  In addition, intersections are able to be used as their address if they prefer for security concerns

Q: Do parents have to put the age of their child in the system?

A: No, name is required only.

Q: Can this be used for walking school busses, bike-pools, etc?

A: Yes, we have kept the wording completely open so that users can set up any type of schoolpool. We facilitate the contact, from there, the users are able to create any type of schoolpool they wish.

Q: Is there a possibility of drawing routes or creating routes on the map?

A: Not at this time, routing is not available from the basic schoolpool map.  Routing is restricted to the trip-planning function.

Q: Is everyone in the school shown in the match list?

A: There are specific restrictions so that the user’s don’t get a massive list of households that have no use.  The list is restricted currently to matches within 7.5 miles, as well as only the top 100 households.  This is for the user’s sanity as well as speed of loading the page.

Q: Can you change the match radius?

A: This is an item that we are currently looking into and will allow the user or school to choose their preferred match radius.

Q: What browsers are compatible?

A: IE 10+ and modern browsers only due to advanced map use.

Q: For opt-in schools, how is that taken care of?

A: By the use of the school join link, the school is able to send out an email and have the parents/households join and input their own information.

Q: For opt-in, if a household does not have an email address, how can they join the system?

A: The school manager may enter them in and send them by snail-mail a PDF or put their phone number on their household information so that they may be contacted for a carpool/bikepool etc.

Q: Is there a possibility for a parent-group to administrate this rather than a school?

A: Yes, you may set up a ‘school’ and give a specific parent manager access, you may do that but make sure that all involved are aware that it is not school-sanctioned.  This all depends upon your own specific security protocols.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please email Grant ( and he’ll make sure to get your concerns taken care of!  (Also if you would like this turned on for your system just let me know!)



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