Happy April everyone! No April Fools jokes here, just productivity!

A couple reminders:

  • Challenges, Events, Incentives, Schoolpool and Subnetworks features are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant and he’ll get you all set up!
  • Want localization and language translations? Email Grant your request and he’ll gladly get any languages available set up for your site!

These items have recently been deployed::

  • Function Updates / Bug Fixes:
    • Trip Planning
      • Bike Routing has completely been overhauled and upgraded, check out your paths and they should be much safer and adhere to your OSM data much more.
      • Driving Times are now Traffic Aware and will return accurate drive times for whenever you search.
    • Network Management
      • Have event trips in your network? They’ll now be displayed as such so you know which ones are for normal commutes.
    • User Information
      • Have networks or regions that would like to have their Employee IDs available for incentives? Let me know and I can add the employeeID field to the User Private Profile page. These will then show on the Incentives report and in the Network Members CSV.
      • Wondering what subnetworks your users are in when you do a Parent Network export? Just take a look at the networks column, easy!
    • Locations
      • With some help from Aubrey at Metrolinx, we’ve identified a new batch of location types that will be helpful when you’re inputting your custom locales.
    • Registration
      • Coming from a Public Network join page? Now that network will automatically be selected when you click Register to Join!
      • Reviewing the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy after you have entered in some data in the Registration form? You’ll no longer lose your entries, they’ll all be saved for you when you return.
    • New Upcoming Features
      • Want your users to be able to show more of their rideshare preferences? Want them to show that they are willing to bike to work with others? We’re working on some updates that are coming very shortly that will add user preferences and schedule to their saved trips!
      • Need to show additional data on your map? Let us know what you’re looking for, we’ve been doing some work with adding additional layers.
      • On-Route matching is coming soon! Better and more accurate searching for carpools, always a good thing!