• The features for Challenges, Events, Incentives, Schoolpool, and Subnetworks are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant ( and he will get you set up!
  • Do you have Carpool Joining and Rideshare Reporting enabled? Email Grant. Visit for more details.
  • Interested in exploring on-route matching? Email Grant and we will set it up in your development environment. If you would like, we can also put it straight to your site! (Spoiler warning: On-route matching is awesome).
  • Want localization and language translations? Email Grant your request and he will gladly get any languages available set up for your site!

Updates and fixes for the week of 7/27:


  • If coming from a network or schoolpool join area, the network search box has been removed. The search being there was confusing many users who were attempting to register.
    • If coming from a public network join page, the network will be preselected and the user will be automatically joined upon registration
    • If coming from a private network join page, the user will register as normal without selecting a network, then will have the option to join the private network once fully registered.
    • If coming from a schoolpool URL, no network search will be shown, as many parents/guardians were attempting to find their school under the network search.


  • Users can no longer delete claimed incentives from their ‘Completed’ incentives area. This aides in management and historical reporting of incentives.


  • Added a new auto-caching system to large challenges that refreshes leaderboards on the server so that no user has to bear the load or calculation time for any challenge statistics.
  • Added a ‘loading please wait’ message if any leaderboard is loading after the page fully shows


  • Network Managers can now delete individual bulk logs
  • Past individual user trip logs can now be assigned to a network by clicking on ‘View’ on the members page, then clicking ‘Add users previous trip logs to this network’
  • Bulk Triplog distance maximum has been raised to 500.

Coming Soon:

  • Keep your eyes out for a message coming soon regarding new reporting and table interfaces. This will address many of the issues that have occurred with network triplog screens as well as allowing much more granular control over your reporting.