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Updates and fixes for the week of 7/20:

Points Programs:

  • Program Managers can now add a limit to each inventory item that restricts how many times an individual user can redeem it. (Ex. Dave can only claim two chocolate bars, but there are 1000 available for the entire program)
  • Added tooltips on inventory management for ease of use.
  • Fixed an error which was hindering users from redeeming items if their point total was the exact same as the cost of the item.
  • Fixed an error that was not letting certain users redeem items due to not having a purchase history.

Excel Exports:

  • Fixed a bug where zip codes were being rendered as dates.


  • Users can now quickly search the top 100 networks in a challenge and this will soon be expanded to all networks in a challenge.
  • Updated how caching is done for challenges which should mean less load time across the board for users.
  • There is now a configuration variable available that can be set to turn off team creation requests if necessary.
    • This would be system wide and not currently be set per challenge.

Network Logs:

  • If a subnetwork logs bulk trips, they will soon accurately show on the parent network as well.


  • If coming from a network join link for a private network or a Schoolpool join link, the network box is now hidden to help lessen confusion.
  • If a user is coming from a public network join link, the search is hidden but they will automatically be joined to the network upon registration.

User Trip Logging:

  • If a user attempts to log a trip on the exact same day and time as a trip that was previously logged, it will silently fail if it is in the same mode (as it is a true duplicate, so it is not logged).
    • If it is a different mode, a warning will show alerting the user of the duplicate. This works towards fixing multiple logging on the same day.