Release Notes: Week of 2/29/2016


  • Coffee Talk! Be sure to catch the upcoming talk on March 11th given by RideAmigos’ own Director of Client Services, Grant Heger. It’s sure to be a fun and informative talk!
    • The topic is “I know (reporting) Kung Fu: Using Your Data to its Fullest Potential”
    • Sign up here for the web-link to view the presentation and the dial-in number
  • We have now turned on the beta Advanced Reporting for all systems!
  • Want to let your Network Managers log trips for their members? We have that available! Check out this link for more details
    • This is great for managing vanpools and letting the driver log for the whole group!
  • The features for Challenges, Events, Incentives, Schoolpool, and Subnetworks are all available for your platforms! Just submit a support ticket and we will get you set up!
  • Interested in exploring on-route matching, localization, or rideshare reporting? Submit a support ticket!


Updates and fixes:


  • Finalized the first version of our MOVES integration!
  • What is MOVES and why are we talking about it? MOVES is a mobile application that automatically tracks biking, walking, and driving trips. We have finished our integration methods with the app and it can now be set up on your system! When you have MOVES turned on, your users can connect their RideAmigos accounts to the app and have their trips logged automatically through MOVES. To test it out, go to your profile on and click on Connected Apps. If you would like it turned on for your system, submit a ticket

Networks & Network Management:

  • There can now be a maximum number of networks set for users
    • Ex. You only want your users to be in a maximum of 6 networks
    • If you would like this feature to be on your system, submit a ticket
  • Now that bulk network logging has been available for a while, we are hiding it by default to allow users to get to their reporting faster (it’s still only a click away if needed)
  • New registrants can now be automatically assigned to a specific network based off of their email domain. This can be set in the Network Edit area. Public email domains such as are not allowed to be used (as it’s meant to be for workplaces)
    • Ex. If I register as I will automatically be assigned to the RideAmigos network as long as the network admin had set it up
    • If you would like this turned on for your instance, just submit a ticket
  • New registrants can now be joined to a common system network. This is not dependent on an email domain. If you would like all of your newly registered users to automatically join a specific network, submit a ticket with the details of the network


  • We are now able to allow the system to restrict registration to only specific domains that are whitelisted
    • Ex. Only allow addresses to register
  • We are now able to allow the system to require email verification before a user can fully use the system
  • Adjusted the workflow of incentive creation to be more straightforward and easy to understand as a workflow and fixed conditionals that were causing issues
  • Fixed a bug where a pluralization of modes was causing a render error in one portion of the Point Program description
  • Updated how we load client specific CSS and LESS files so that they are better read by SEO
  • Fixed an issue on trip favorites where clicking on how many carpools are available would not submit the correct search
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