• The following features are available for your systems, submit a ticket to request:
      • Carpool v3 (Get it while it’s still hot!)
      • Custom Dashboards
      • Challenges (normalized challenges now available!)
      • Events
      • Incentives (supervisor verification now available!)
      • Point Programs
      • Schoolpool
      • Localization (translations)
      • Rideshare Reporting
      • Surveys
      • Network Logging
      • Zipcar Map Layer

Updates and fixes for the week of 12/05:

Trip Planning:

  • Have Zipcar pickups in your region? We can now easily tap into the Zipcar API to show all locations and the realtime count of cars available. Just let us know if you’d like this map layer turned on!
  • Have additional map layers? Check out the updated popup to see that you can quickly route To or From those locations? This is great for Park and Ride lots in that users can now route directly there and hop on the train/bus the rest of the way.


  • Running a normalized challenge? We’ve updated the dashboard leaderboard to be more accurate and show the leaderboard percentages.
  • Want to make it so users can’t click into network leaderboard breakdowns? Let us know, we can easily turn that feature off.


  • We are fully up to date with Santa Monica’s 2016 ETRP survey template within the surveys tool. If you’re looking to do this type of survey just let us know!

Beyond these items, make sure you are up-to-date with the newest advances we have available for trip planning (updated carpool, bikepool, etc.). Also check out the possibilities for dashboard customizations.

Items in the pipeline for later this year (tentative):

  • Updated Carpool creation interface and details on your favorite cards (making it easier to delineate between favorites)
  • Carpool match notifications
  • Admin printable ‘Match Lists’
  • Updated Network Manager permissions
  • RideAmigos Commute Tracker mobile application (iOS/Android)
  • New Trip Tracking experience