Well we’ve been busy recently on some cool big things so we haven’t pushed a lot of smaller changes.  But check out everything below!

New functionality available at your request!

  • Challenges!
    • Challenge your users to compete amongst each other.  System Admins can create full-platform challenges, or set up competitions between networks.  Network Managers can have their users compete against themselves.  Get everyone pumped and logging those trips! (For an added challenge, see how many people you can get to bicycle during the winter months!)
  • Events!
    • Have a convention coming up in your city? Have a big football game? Have a small holiday party you’re hosting at your own abode? This is what you need! This functionality allows you to create custom carpooling/transit widgets for your users and friends.  Keep it public and allow everyone to check out their options, or make it private and share the link with your friends, it’s up to you!  This piece comes in two flavors, Admin Only creation (where only system admins and network admins can create events), or General User creation (where everyone can make their own events and have them show in the list!).
  • Both of these will have their seminar videos up as soon as I get them edited (you will be able to find them here: http://docs.rideamigos.com/category/academy-seminars/ )
  • Want these added to your system? Send Grant an email (grant@rideamigos.com)!

These items have recently been deployed::

  • Function Updates / Bug Fixes:
    • Events
      • Fixed the modal height for favoriting an Event trip
      • Event creation now able to be constrained to Administrators only
      • Admin Event list now has additional buttons to choose between edit or view
      • General Event list will now only show current events (previously allowed you to see your own expired events, these are now hidden until table view is engaged)
      • Widget no longer has site footer and is completely responsive with no breaking elements
    • Survey Response numbers always show correctly now (previously did not change when deletions were made)
    • Footer is now correctly hiding on Administrative pages to allow for more data on screen
    • New configuration system is now in place, allowing for faster and more accurate editing of background pieces
    • hasSchoolpoolHousehold has been added back to the User CSV for system users that have an associated Schoolpool Household
    • Schoolpool creation buttons no longer cut off by footer
    • Carpool markers on the general transit planner map are now obscured to an 111 meter radius, so that the points are not showing the exact location of the carpool (more obscured for user data privacy)
    • Network Admins can no longer see full address data of carpool (furthering user privacy)
    • All user viewable calculations are correctly shown as Metric units for any non-USA platforms
    • Number of carpool messages sent by users of the system is now viewable in Admin->Dashboard

And now for our weekly inspirational quote:

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” – Steven Wright (comedian)