Release Notes: Week of 1/18/2016

Updates and fixes:

Point Programs and Incentives:

  • Updated the Unlimited markers to act more as expected
  • Updated some text in incentives to be removable for different programs on a client-specific basis
    • If you don’t require any incentives to be claimed in your system, we can remove the claimed portion of ‘Trip logs must be submitted and claimed by…’


  • You can now click the ‘You have X matching carpools’ button in your favorites to re-search that trip

Network Join Page:

  • Fixed an issue that occurred if the network name was greater than 20 characters that would have the name extend past the button’s frame


  • Added additional constraints on PDF rendering for showing students from other schools that are in families that share schools

Out of Date Browsers:

  • Ready to go fully dark with IE 8 and IE 9? We have started transitioning away from these browsers (as per Microsoft’s shutdown) and can sunset this access at any time for your instance. Keep an eye on future notifications for our final shutdown


  • In a region where you share a database with other entities? We now have the option of setting a ‘system’ network which automatically joins users to your specified network when they register for your system! No more hoping that they chose the right one. This is also starting to carve the way for automatic joining to networks based off of email domains (ex. I have company Mizx and we have the domain, any user that registers with that domain will automatically be joined to my network). Keep an eye out, we’re looking to have this available within the next few weeks
  • We’ve added some additional messaging to carpool creation to give a better sense of what the user is completing when they hit that favorite button
  • We’re now piloting our Shepherd Guides on our site. These are dedicated in-app walkthroughs for the users so that they don’t have to read about it in the FAQ because they can now experience it live. Just a bit more work and it will be available for all systems! Check it out on dashboard now (click on the question marks)!
  • We’ve recently updated al client icons and images on the platform to be SVG, so that they are now fully responsive and load much faster than standard PNGs
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