Release Notes: Week of 10/26/2015 (and other items)


  • We will be turning on the beta Advanced Reporting for all systems shortly. This is in advance of us rolling it out to all current reporting areas (admin, network admin, etc.).
  • Want to let your Network Managers log trips for their members? We have that available! Check out this link for more details:
    • This is great for managing vanpools and letting the driver log for the whole group!
  • The features for Challenges, Events, Incentives, Schoolpool, and Subnetworks are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant ( and he will get you set up!
  • Interested in exploring on-route matching, localization, or rideshare reporting? Email for more information.

Updates and fixes:

Advanced Reporting:

  • We now allow for multi-filtering in System Triplogs and System Users for mode, as well as networks.
    • In order to use this, just provide a list of modes (or networks) as a comma separated list, such as “bike, walk, vanpool” and it will filter down to just those modes.


  • We now have additional options for registration. In addition to Facebook and Email, we now allow for Google OAuth, and SAML registration/sign in. For SAML, it requires a bit of additional development for each instance, but we can

Points Programs:

  • Updated options to allow for a download code as well as a message after the item has been purchased.
  • Added the ability to do a raffle based off a specific inventory item.
  • Updated editing to have better date validation and entry as well as a cleaner user experience and delineation of segments.


  • You are now able to create an incentive that auto-joins all users who are eligible if it is restricted to specific networks. This is not available for all-system incentives.
  • Added the ability to have a join-cutoff date, which will hide the incentive from the available list if not joined by required date.
  • Updated editing to have better date validation and entry.


  • Updated editing to have better date validation and entry.


  • Survey completion message is now able to be customized (this is the message that is shown after the survey has been entered and sent). Markdown is allowed for basic formatting.


  • All FAQ sections have been updated to the new format, allowing for segmentation of each user area, as well as Network and System administration.
  • Basic walkthrough videos have been added for extra clarification.

Trip Planner:

  • We now have additional options for markers on the map beyond just the pin-drop for custom map layers. We are able to use maki-icons and customize.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated schoolpool email to reflect previous iteration.
  • Fixed PDF render of schoolpool matches.
  • Re-imlemented ‘Export’ button for triplog advanced reporting.
  • Fixed UI for network tripplan map.
  • Fixed UI of accrual incentive cards.
  • Hid the footer of the site on phones and tablets. Footer will no longer block content.
  • Updated widget code to be clearer and more effective for sites with cross-scripting issues.
  • We now allow for the use of Markdown in network messaging.
  • Fixed the ‘unlimited’ toggle for point programs.
  • Fixed ability for system administrators to add users to private networks.
  • Fixed bug that was allowing users to log past and future trips outside of the set date range.
  • Fixed bug where choosing locations to log from was not updating distance in log form.
  • Fixed bug where last logged trip was not populating.
  • Fixed an issue with IE10 where the trip planner search box was showing clear.

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