• Want to let your Network Managers log trips for their members? We have that available! Check out this link for more details:
    • This is great for managing vanpools and letting the driver log for the whole group!
  • The features for Challenges, Events, Incentives, Schoolpool, and Subnetworks are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant ( and he will get you set up!
  • Interested in exploring on-route matching, localization, or rideshare reporting? Email for more information.

Updates and fixes for the week of 8/24:

Trip Planner:

        • Notice a building that isn’t being geocoded correctly from the trip plan search? Now you can create your own custom location via the Locations module, then email Grant to have the Esri result removed. This can also help out if you have any doubled locations due to adding new Park & Ride lots or anything similar!

Edit Profile:

        • Just a few small updates to the password reset area for some new security updates and ease of use.

Trip Logging:

        • Fixed a small bug where users were not able to delete trip logs if they were a part of a point program and had imported points, but no purchases. This only affected a small subset of users and has been remedied.


        • Fixed a bug where a deleted network was showing in the leaderboards as a blank. This was due to user triplogs still being associated with that network ID. Deleted networks will no longer be ghosts within a challenge.

Point Programs:

        • Point Program managers are now able to ‘reward’ and ‘deny’ purchases. This is solely for organization and does not affect the user’s point total. This will allow you to move purchases that have been rewarded to another screen and view ‘new’ ones by themselves so that it is much easier to manage the program.

School Pool:

        • When importing households to a school, a bug was discovered which would double the city in the rendered name. This has been fixed. Geocoding was not affected.
        • A new frontend has been put in place for household users. Updated frontend includes a whole new interface for finding other households, easier searching, and sorting for other households. All of the same information is there, just a bit cleaner and easier to find!
                • This is a photo of the updated Schoolpool frontend interface

New Features:

System and Network Reporting Preview:

For a while now we’ve been working to overhaul our reporting structure and give you as many options as possible in how you pull reports. If we look to our current reporting, there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility in the reports you can generate, you will always get that 100+ column user report. So, to counteract that, the prevailing thoughts have been: “What if I only want to know about Bike trips?” or “All I need is a list of active users… how do I do that?”. These thoughts are drastically different in how the report needs to be pulled, so we need a solution that is immensely malleable.

We are rolling out a preview of our new reporting structures, so that you can experience what is to come in a confined environment. You can currently still pull reports how you used to from the Admin section, but what you will be previewing is what will be taking it’s place. This is a working environment, so expect changes and updates. We are here to gather feedback from you, see what is working and what isn’t, and make it the ultimate reporting area.

          • Details:
            • The new reporting interface will initially be available through the Tools menu. These grids will eventually be replacing the tables you see in standard reporting areas, but we wanted you to have a chance to get used to them first.
            • We are beginning this preview with only System Administrators in most instances, but if you would like your Network Managers to join in the fun with their own ‘Managed Network Reporting’ area, we can turn it on for them as well. You can see this area through the Tools menu as well.
            • You’ll notice we start out with just a few columns. You can add any columns you want and remove any you want as well. You can even filter to specific queries right from that grid. Hit export and you’ll get the exact report you just built. Pretty simple! Check out the example below: I filtered to only the columns I wanted, then said I only want to show users with more than 0 Alternative Trips, and sorted by most. I can then just export this and have it as my quick report to send off!
            • This is truly something we want you to get your hands on and experience. Let us know what you think. Have a thought on what should the initial columns should be? Let me know. Love it? Let me know. We plan on adding additional functionality and iterating on this as we go.
            • The screenshots below represent an in-development version of the tool. The filter rows will be slightly different (and easier to use). Watch for more updates to this tool as we’ll keep adding new items.
            • This photo is a screen shot of the in-development version of our new reporting interface!