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  • Do you have Carpool Joining and Rideshare Reporting enabled? Email Grant. Visit for more details.
  • Interested in exploring on-route matching? Email Grant and we will set it up in your development environment. If you would like, we can also put it straight to your site! (Spoiler warning: On-route matching is awesome).
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Updates and fixes for the week of 8/10:


    • All past incentives will automatically go to a user’s ‘Completed’ area so that there is no confusion on what Incentives are currently active.
    • We will be giving Incentive Managers the ability to ‘Approve’ and ‘Reward’ users who have not claimed their incentive after the cutoff date. This is helpful for those who work in the field and are able to log trips but not claim the incentive in time. The management UI will reflect this change.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs relating to time-zone issues on the first and last day of an incentive when a user logged trips.


    • We are releasing a new feature which allows Network Managers to log trips for individual users. This is an expansion of Network Bulk Logging, but allows for better reporting on specific users who may work remotely or not have access to a computer. If this sounds like something you would like to test on your development environment or turned on for your live site. You can find further information here: .

Trip Logging:

    • When logging with a location, the distance is now chosen based off an OTP route search rather than a straight line from point to point.


    • We now conditionally hide sections of the Favorite Trips widget depending on what you have saved. No shared trips? We won’t show that section. Only have a Joined Trip? That’s the only section you’ll see.


    • Fixed an issue with Markdown that allowed ‘escaping characters and hindered correct rendering.


    • When a bulk emailing is begun, it now automatically is marked as ‘in-progress’, even before first email is sent. This is to help with back-end report logging.
    • New Schoolpool list page will be coming soon. We are removing the majority of the card images and data in favor of speed and functionality. All data is still available but will only show if relevant.
        • Previous design
            • Screenshot of the old Schoolpool design
        • New design
            • Screenshot of the new Schoolpool design
    • New design updates are also coming to the parent’s schoolpool page. We are aiming to make this cleaner and simpler for them.
        • Previous Design
            • Screenshot of the old Parent's section of Schoolpool
        • New Design
            • Screenshot of the new Parent's section of Schoolpool

User Profile:

    • Added language on the Home and Work addresses that these are currently for reporting only, not for automatic carpool creation.


    • Fixed a bug on IE10 which prevented the home page trip planner from being clicked on/used.