We hope you all had a great Memorial Day and got to join us last week for the conference! It’s been a busy couple weeks getting ready for some upcoming items, so stay tuned for more info.


  • Challenges, Events, Incentives, Schoolpool and Subnetworks features are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant and he’ll get you all set up!
  • We will be in the final testing phase of our Rideshare feature shortly. If you would like a sneak peak, check out this previous release note: http://docs.rideamigos.com/release-notes-week-of-april-13th/
  • Want to try out on-route matching? Just email Grant and we’ll get it in place in your development environment. Or we can put it straight to your live site if you’d like! It is currently a ‘as the crow flies’ algorithm but allows for greater flexibility in ridematching options.
  • Want localization and language translations? Email Grant your request and he’ll gladly get any languages available set up for your site!