Release Notes: Week of 01/12/2015

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but I wanted to let you know everything that has been happening recently (a lot!). Feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like a walkthrough of any of the new items.

A couple reminders:

  • Challenges, Events, and Schoolpool features are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant and he’ll get you all set up!
  • Want localization and language translations? Email Grant your request and he’ll gladly get any languages available set up for your site!

These items have recently been deployed::

  • Function Updates / Bug Fixes:
    • Network Additions
      • On the Registration and My Networks page, you’ll notice things have been cleaned up a bit and are easier to organize/view.  This was in readiness for the new Subnetworks structure that is now available.
      • When managing a network, you are now able to see how many messages each trip plan has received, as well as how many messages each member of your network has sent.
    • Subnetworks
      • This has just been deployed and is available upon request
        • Have a large entity that encompasses multiple networks (like a University and all of it’s departments)? This feature will allow you to set each department as a subnetwork of the University.  Then whenever a user joins a specific department they will also be joined to the University. Why? For better reporting of course! You can then just grab one report from the parent network and have the info for all users within each of the departments!  Curious about this and want it turned on as soon as it’s available? Email Grant with a subject of “Subnetworks Enabled”
    • Schoolpool
      • Schoolpool join pages no longer have a hovering navigation bar to make joining and filling out the form much easier.
    • Challenges
      • We made it a bit easier to see all the networks that are currently competing and join via the ‘Join’ area.
    • Accessibility
      • The platform has been enhanced to work better with assistive devices such as screen readers and to be more friendly for any users to navigate using only the keyboard.
    • Outdated Browsers
      • Thanks to help from our friends up at Metrolinx in Toronto we’re officially live with the IE8 and IE9 page! Nothing you need to do, as soon as a user logs onto your site using one of these browsers they will be automatically redirected to the correct page.  You can also check it out by going to your website, remove the last #/ in the URL and put ie in instead! Ex.
      • Again, as a heads up, this page will only be available until 01/12/2016, when IE8 and IE9 will officially be deprecated by Microsoft.  We recommend notifying any of your businesses that there are upcoming changes to Microsoft’s software policies and that a new browser (currently named Spartan) will be coming into the fold very soon.
    • New Upcoming Feature
      • Incentives are being released and live tested in a few markets. This is great if you want to challenge your users to compete against themselves and reach a higher bar of alternative commuting! For a sneak peak, feel free to contact Grant.
    • Backend Stuff
      • We’ve recently gone through and re-done how triplogs are aggregated and how statistics are calculated. What this means is that stats and leaderboards should be immensely faster to load, even if you have 2 million + trip logs to go through!
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