Whoa, it’s a whole new year with new things coming!

A couple reminders:

  • Challenges, Events, and Schoolpool features are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant and he’ll get you all set up!
  • Want localization and language translations? Email Grant your request and he’ll gladly get any languages available set up for your site!

These items have recently been deployed::

  • Function Updates / Bug Fixes:
    • Subnetworks
      • This is a brand new piece that will be coming to your system very shortly.
        • Have a large entity that encompasses multiple networks (like a University and all of it’s departments)? This feature will allow you to set each department as a subnetwork of the University.  Then whenever a user joins a specific department they will also be joined to the University. Why? For better reporting of course! You can then just grab one report from the parent network and have the info for all users within each of the departments!  Curious about this and want it turned on as soon as it’s available? Email Grant with a subject of “Subnetworks Enabled”
    • Events
      • Events are reaching a broader audience! Have a venue or sports team that needs an event widget for the whole season? No problem. As an administrator, you now have the option to hide the date and time of the ‘Event’, as well as adding markdown so you can have links in your description.  Just make sure you put the date and time of the ‘Event’ as the end of the season and you remind your users to state when they will be going in their carpool description!
      • If a user registers on the site because of an Event, their registration source is now noted as “event” on the user details page and in CSV export.
    • Challenges
      • Specific items are now hidden and shown depending upon whether a challenge is upcoming, current, or past.  Keep an eye out for more updates coming to this area.  We believe here at RideAmigos that challenging your users and giving them a place to track their progress in relation to others is vital, so we will continually be revisiting this area and enhancing it.
    • Accessibility
      • The platform has been enhanced to work better with assistive devices such as screen readers and to be more friendly for any users to navigate using only the keyboard.
    • Support
      • Additional user info is now included in Support emails.  This is non-private information such as Browser version, OS version and which page of the app the user was having trouble on.  This allows us to more efficiently support users having problems and troubleshoot/notice bugs sooner.
      • Speaking of support, wondering when a user last logged in or updated their profile? It’s easy! Just head to your admin area, go to Users, then search for that user.  Hit the ‘Edit’ button and that information will be immediately under their stats!
    • Outdated Browsers
      • Have users that are on antiquated browsers such as IE8 and IE9? Fret no more, in a shortly upcoming update, those users will be able to log on and log their trips as well as find and post carpools on their own IE8 and IE9 specific page! Just go to your website, remove the last #/ in the URL and put ie in instead! Ex. bloomington.rideamigos.com/ie/
      • This page has the same localization/language support as your main site and also has been built with accessibility standards in place.
      • This page will only be available until 01/12/2016, when IE8 and IE9 will officially be deprecated by Microsoft.  We recommend notifying any of your businesses that there are upcoming changes to Microsoft’s software policies and that a new browser (currently named Spartan) will be coming into the fold very soon.
    • Admin Dashboard
      • Wondering how many carpool messages have been sent in your system? Hop over to your Admin Dashboard and check out the new stat!  Soon we will be allowing Administrators to view messages sent by each user for easier support if necessary.  In addition, we will be showing who has sent messages to whom on the network trip plan area so parking permit and validation can be tracked easier.
    • OTP/OSM
      • Timeouts have been amended so that tripplans render correctly if external services are taking a longer time than desired.
    • Fixed a bug that was hiding survey templates after new configuration architecture was put in place
    • Implementing a restructuring of how we store data and generate reports so admins can see their site’s impact faster