Updates to several key features of the RideAmigos commuter management platform are rolling out in the coming days. Keep an eye out for the following improvements:

Vanpool Management

Users attached to a vanpool will have a favorite card available on their dashboard to show their vanpool information and a quick way to contact their vanpool coordinator.

Management Enhancements:

  • Finding Vanpool Riders will be quicker and easier by automatically filtering a radius around the origin/destination of the vans and those riders who match.
  • Zoom scale on the map for better readability.
  • Indication if a vanpool stop is pickup/dropoff or both.
  • Improved icon visibility showing difference between riders and vans.

Commute Tracker Updates

Bulk Confirmations:

Have a lot of trips tracked but don’t want to go through and confirm each one individually? Do you primarily take the same mode for each of your trips? Well, we have the solution for you! Coming in our next Commute Tracker update, you will notice a new button on the top right of the trip confirmation screen. Tap this button and you’ll be able to multi-select your commutes, then confirm them all as one mode (or delete them if necessary). See the screenshots below for an example!

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General Updates

  • Incentives and Challenges can now restrict eligible trips to any integrated app that you have turned on. This allows you to design programs that specifically encourage users to track their trips using Strava, Scoop, Moves, Commute Tracker, etc.
  • Updated language and warning design for integrations if the user does not have their home and work addresses set correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Locations will now be showing first in the TripSearch box to greater enhance visibility of your custom areas.
  • Fixed an issue with Challenge reporting possibly breaking due to eligible-days calculations (very rare occurrence)
  • Fixed issue on Schoolpool PDF where it was not always putting a blank page between households if needed
  • Fixed header issue on Schoolpool PDF


Strava, Moves, and Scoop (if available in your area) integrations are able to be turned on for all RideAmigos-powered sites. Just let us know if you’re interested!