We’re hard at work here in Amigoland rolling out new features and squashing bugs, always working to provide you with the best commuter management tools possible. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:


– Added two decimal places to normalized network scores on the leaderboard to show more difference between large teams.
– Added a specific Teams Report and a Team Member report as well.
– On user discovery card, added the user’s team stats overview.
– Fixed an issue on the legacy dashboard challenge dropdown where it was showing all challenges, not just currently active ones.
– Fixed an issue that was hiding the team creation option on currently active challenges.


– Allow the addition of an ‘activities’ tag to a household. For example, a household stating that their child is in Jazz Band or Soccer (available on request)
– Fixed a PDF render issue
– Show warning if a user already has a schoolpool household associated with their account if they come to the school join or household connection page.


– Updated visuals on import buttons making it a bit clearer which one has the danger of overwriting previous data.
– Visual updates to the vanpool discovery cards to show more information.

App Integrations

– Currently working through a beta of Strava in multiple regions. This app is excellent for walkers and bikers and allows users to log from multiple sources. Strava integration details.

Google Analytics

– Added a few new event handlers to explicitly show registration clickthroughs and support contact submissions.

User Profile

– For sites with geocoded profile addresses (all of you soon), the user can quickly do a trip search right from their profile area after data has been entered. You will also be able to do this from the Admin Edit area on a user’s page.