• The following features are available for your systems, submit a ticket to request:
      • Carpool v3 (Get it while it’s still hot!)
      • Custom Dashboards
      • Challenges (normalized challenges now available!)
      • Events
      • Incentives (supervisor verification now available!)
      • Point Programs
      • Schoolpool
      • Localization (translations)
      • Rideshare Reporting
      • Surveys
      • Network Logging

Updates and fixes for the week of 10/24:

Points Programs:

  • We now allow users to redeem multiple purchases of an item at once.
    • Once an item is selected, a new area will drop down where they can select an amount to purchase. The purchasable amount is restricted by their number of points available, as well as the number of items remaining.
    • This does not affect weighted raffles, they will still function as they did previously.
  • Want to find out how many points active users have in your point programs? Just download the ‘Users’ file from the Point Program list to see how many users are eligible, as well as how many points they’ve accrued and have currently available.

Registration and Carpools:

  • Want your users to have the option to create a carpool immediately after registering? Request the new ‘Carpool Prompt upon Registration’! This will popup a notice immediately after registration for users without a carpool to create one and post their ride. Let us know if this sounds good to you and we’ll get it set in place!

Trip Planning:

  • As long as you are on the latest version of Carpooling (Request if you’re not yet and want the latest awesomeness!), you now have the ability to filter carpools down to just those that match networks you are a part of.


  • Looking to edit a user’s carpool or favorite trip? No need to proxy as that user any more. Using the new User edit area (via Admin->Users->Edit), you can modify a user’s carpool directly from there. Also you can add new carpools for them!
    • Signing up new users at an event? This is a quick way to do it all from the Admin area without having the user log in, add their information, then log out. You can do it all from the Admin tabs.
  • A new admin sidebar is incoming! We’ll be updating the design of this area and moving the Advance reporting in shortly. So stay tuned!

Beyond these items, make sure you are up-to-date with the newest advances we have available for trip planning (updated carpool, bikepool, etc.). Also check out the possibilities for dashboard customizations.

Items in the pipeline for later this year (tentative):

  • Carpool match notifications
  • Admin printable ‘Match Lists’
  • Updated Network Manager permissions
  • RideAmigos Commute Tracker mobile application (iOS/Android)
  • New Trip Tracking experience