Halloween is right around the corner, so we have some great treats for our partners: feature updates and bugfixes! Here’s the latest news about what’s new with RideAmigos:

Points Programs

When redeeming a basic ‘Digital Item’, the process has been streamlined. Rather than one pop-up after redemption with the ‘CLOSE’ option, the first pop-up will state ‘REDEEM’ and will automatically take the user to the dictated URL, then when they return, the page will have a follow-up with an option to go to the link again if necessary. See workflow below:

1) User views program

2) User selects item

3) User clicks redeem, modal window appears

4) NEW: User sees the directions you entered for this item and the option to ‘Redeem’. This button takes them directly to the link provided (form/site/etc.)

5) NEW: When they return to the page, they see a new modal with this information and a link back to the item if necessary. They can alternatively close and finish the process.


Curious what apps users are logging their trips with? The new ‘appsused’ user field will show this in the ‘System Users’ report.


If you have Google Analytics set on your site, schoolpool PDF generation and downloads will now show in the ‘Behavior’->’Events’ area under the ‘Schoolpool’ category.

Network Admin Dashboard

Added more overall statistics for the network on quick view (CO2, Money Saved, Calories Burned)

Bug Fixes

  • Surveys: You are now able to reliably use PrintScreen on survey pages. This is helpful if you need a user to screenshot their data.
  • Firefox: Custom map layer icons now showing correctly.
  • Registration: Fixed an issue where if you repeatedly pressed the ‘Register’ button extremely fast you could enter an error state.


Strava, Moves, and Scoop (if available in your area) integrations are able to be turned on for all RideAmigos-powered sites. Just let us know if you’re interested!