• The following features are available for your systems, submit a ticket to request:
      • Carpool v3 (Get it while it’s still hot!)
      • Custom Dashboards
      • Challenges (normalized challenges now available!)
      • Events
      • Incentives (supervisor verification now available!)
      • Point Programs
      • Schoolpool
      • Localization (translations)
      • Rideshare Reporting
      • Surveys
      • Network Logging

Updates and fixes for the week of 09/12/2016:


  • Set up options for creating a ‘Normalized’ challenge among networks. This is a system in place to have networks of all sizes compete and have the playing field be even across the board. All you have to do is set up your networks, choose the eligible days per week, and get users to compete. See this PDF for a breakdown on how to create a normalized challenge. Send a request for this to be turned on, or test it out on
  • In addition to the new type of challenge, we have updated challenge reporting to use our advanced grid reports. This should give you many more options on how you pull data for your challenge program.

Trip Logging:

  • Don’t want ‘Drive Alone’ to be a loggable mode? We can now easily turn this off for your system. Just let us know!
  • Made quite a few updates to how Moves interacts with the system and logs trips. Let us know if you want this Connected App turned on for your system.


  • Incentives now have the option to require supervisor approval for claiming. Test this out now on or request it to turned on for your system.


General Housekeeping:

  • Locations: Added a few new types (Professional Building, Church, etc.)
  • Point Programs: Fixed a visual bug where the mode selector would show twice.
  • Navigation Bar: We made quite a few updates regarding the breakpoints for mobile navigation. It should be much smoother now.
  • Updated our dialogue popups to use sanitized markdown and secure by default.
  • Updated many of our date/time inputs across program creation screens.
  • If fare details are available within a GTFS file for a transit route, we will now automatically show an estimate of the fare.

Beyond these items, make sure you are up-to-date with the newest advances we have available for trip planning (updated carpool, bikepool, etc.). Also check out the possibilities for dashboard customizations.

Items in the pipeline for later this year (tentative):

  • Carpool match notifications
  • Carpool creation prompt upon registration
  • Admin printable ‘Match Lists’
  • Updated manual account creation (admin)
  • Updated administrative interface
  • Updated Network Manager permissions
  • RideAmigos Commute Tracker mobile application (iOS/Android)