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              • Carpool v3
              • Custom Dashboards
              • Challenges
              • Events
              • Incentives
              • Point Programs
              • Schoolpool
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In honor of National Bike to Work Day this upcoming Friday (May 20th), we bring to you a new way for users to share their commutes. As we can all attest to, driving alone is not the best way to get to work for a plethora of reasons. We aim to get our users and fellow co-workers into carpools, taking alternative transit, and biking to work. With these things in mind, we begin our foray into expanding shared trip options within the RideAmigos Platform through Bikepools.

How it works:

    • When a user opts to save their trip, they will now have the option to share their trip as a Bikepool as well.
        • This allows their trip to be viewable within the Bike routing area, and have users contact them directly for details of their Bikepool, similar to how Carpooling currently works.
    • In addition, the fastest route will be shown so that the users may see the best/quickest possible route to join up with all users involved, similar to how the general route is shown for Carpooling

Overview of Bikepool and Carpool preferences
Overview of Bikepool map

Bikepool Map Overview with a message to connect with another user


  • This is only available on the newest version of our carpool platform (See: Release Notes: Week of 04/04/16)
  • If you’d like to test it out, view it on and let us know any thoughts you may have!
  • This is just the beginning! As you all know, we’ll continue iterating on this and moving forwards with additional modes. Keep your eye on future release notes!

Updates and fixes:


  • Updated language for joining a public challenge and requesting a team creation.
  • Added new language to team creation email to make it easier for the challenge leader to follow steps to add new networks to a challenge.

Network management:

  • Need to restrict what data network managers can access even further? Just let us know and we can easily pull out any ‘Network Edit’ area tabs or user details.
  • In addition to this, we updated the view UI of some of the filters so they are easier to read and know exactly what report you’ll be receiving.
  • Want your Network Managers to be able to add auto-join domains for their network? Just let us know! (For example, we could have all users who register with a address automatically assigned to the RideAmigos network)


  • Design updates have been added to the favorite trip modal to get set for additional mode options (see Bikepool details above).
  • Fix: Reworked cluster markers in all reporting areas to match previous design scope.
  • Fix: On a very specific screen width, long registration forms were being cut off. This has been rectified through additional constraints on the registration modal.