Year End Wrap-Up:

  • It’s been another great year here at RideAmigos and we have you all to thank! Not only do we get to work with some of the greatest regions, we have the best clients to talk to and hear ideas from. It constantly allows us to grow and form Unity into a system that works for all different types of workflows and TDM programs. I would like to personally thank you for your outreach efforts and ideas which help to make Unity everything it can be.
  • As we look back upon the year, let’s also look back on a few of the new items that have been put into place in Unity this year.
    • Incentives
    • Point Programs
    • Challenges v2 (full visual overhaul)
    • RideShare Reporting and Carpool IDs
    • Trip Planning v2 with additional map options and carpool sharing options
    • Trip Logging v2 with one click logging and distance based off of your favorite trips (along with a large amount of backend updates)
    • Full Advanced Reporting (including Users, Networks, Schoolpool, Trip Plans, Trip Logs, and Trip Searches)
    • Coffee Talks! Other Unity users sharing their experiences and successes.
  • Keep in touch for 2016 and keep an eye on the Academy. Lots of things in the works to make your TDM program as successful as possible!


    • Want to let your Network Managers log trips for their members? We have that available! Check out this link for more details:
      • This is great for managing vanpools and letting the driver log for the whole group!
    • The features for Challenges, Events, Incentives, Point Programs, Schoolpool, and Subnetworks are all available for your platforms! Just email Grant ( and he will get you set up!
    • Interested in exploring on-route matching, localization, or rideshare reporting? Email for more information.

Updates and fixes for the month of December, 2015:

Advanced Reporting:

    • As you filter your report, you will now notice the URL changing
        • Once you have your report set, favorite the page and you will be able to come directly back to that set of filters and columns, which is great if you run the same report many times! This will work for all reports, including those with location data and filters
    • Added full Trip Plan reporting (
        • Additional base maps available for visual exports (we recommend a screenshot extension for your browser)
        • Additional options for visualizing data on the map, including heat maps and specific cluster options
        • Exportable GeoJSON data which is able to be imported directly into Esri ArcGIS
        • Location labels have been added to all maps for easier viewing and reporting
    • Added full Trip Search reporting
    • Network Reports
        • Added ActiveMemberCount for network reports which will show the number of users that have logged trips within the specific time frame attributed
    • Added additional security messages for those who may go to a link they don’t have access to (ex. if you give a System Report link to a Network Admin, it will show a message that they don’t have explicit access and therefore cannot view the data)
    • Fixed a bug that caused Stat filters to show inaccurately
    • Collapsed rows so that more data may be visible and easily read

Point Programs:

    • Updated the UI for datepicking
    • Fixed a big with the representation of digital items in reporting and editing
    • Fixed a bug with trip logging that was not showing users why they couldn’t delete specific trips
        • Additional verbiage was added to make this more clear

Trip Logging:

    • Added verbiage for Point Program log deletion
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when converting from Metric to Imperial distance upon triplog edit


  • Fixed a bug where accurate feedback was not given if a user tried to register with an email that was already in the system


  • *Adding the ability to have the dashboard leaderboard replaced by a ‘default’ challenge of the admin’s choosing.
    • This can be done if you’re running an all-system challenge (ex. Bike to Work Week)
    • Request the challenge to be added by emailing Grant( with the exact challenge name and link
    • *This feature is not live yet but will be very shortly and can be requested at any time!