Happy Friday everyone!

This week we’ve released some updates to the Challenges module that will help you construct an even more detailed program and hone in on the types of commutes you would like to reward. Let’s go ahead and dive into the changes!

There are two important markers to pay attention to in these notes: items that are ‘upon request’ and items that are ‘live for all’. Anything that is ‘upon request’ must be requested using the Submit a Ticket form before it will be fully live.

More information about these updates can be found in the video from the corresponding Office Hours webinar.

Challenges Discovery (upon request):

  • We’ve added a new feature to aid in the discoverability of all challenges, whether they be present, past, or future. With this option, your users will have a discovery area (similar to the Incentives area) where they can review any active, upcoming, or completed challenges. This is also where they’ll be able to create teams (see next section) or review basic information about the challenge without heading out to the full leaderboard. Users can get to this area via the dashboard leaderboard button, or via the navigation link.

Challenge Teams (live for all):

  • When creating a challenge, you now have the option of a new leaderboard called ‘User Created Teams’. Formerly it was necessary to create new networks for one-off challenge teams, but users can now do this themselves! Using the new Discovery area, users can create teams for their challenges, manage their team, invite other members using a custom join link, and watch their stats! If you don’t have discovery explicitly turned on, users will find a team creation link from the main leaderboard which will bring them to the discovery area to create their team.

Challenge Creation and Criteria Updates:

  • New Criteria Available (live for all)
    • Specific times for Start and End Date
    • Trip Log Cutoff Date/Time: This makes it so that no new trips will count towards the challenge after this set date/time (it ‘locks’ the challenge stats)
    • Maximum logs per day per individual competitor
    • Eligible Days: Want to only reward weekday trips? Not a problem! Just select Monday-Friday and you’re all set!

  • Challenge Registration Options (upon request, comes with discovery area)
    • Want to only have interested users join the challenge, not everyone that logs an eligible trip? Set the challenge to Opt-In! This will require the user to come to the Discovery area and explicitly Join the challenge before their logged trips become counted towards the challenge.
    • What else can you do once you have the user’s request to opt-in?
      • Send them an automatic follow-up email!
        • Just set the Subject and Body of the email and any user that joins the challenge will receive this automatically upon entry. This can include additional information about the challenge such as prize details, wrap-up parties, or any other information you wish!
      • Require them to fill out a survey before they join!
        • Want to get everyone’s t-shirt size, employer name, previous mode of travel, or favorite color? Just set up a survey before you create your challenge and choose it from this dropdown! When you create your survey you’ll also want to check that a user must be logged in to complete it.

Remember: Submit a Ticket for items marked ‘upon request’ that you would like to add to your system!