Just in time for the Holiday season, we’re excited to share a big gift with all of our partners – a new batch of release notes! Read on to find out about the latest feature updates and bug fixes.

Recent Updates:

Challenges and Incentives

  • Fixed the Current/Past/Upcoming filtering options on the List screens (Tools->Incentives or Tools->Challenges) so that they do not look for matching text as well.
  • Fixed a bug where Challenge Report times were showing in UTC rather than local.
  • Network Logs no longer count towards the participant count in Challenges.
  • Working on clearing up language for Normalized Challenges (Normalization only affects Network Leaderboard.)
  • Networks’ field for global challenges in reports will now show all of a user’s networks.

Points Programs

Need to reorder your Inventory? Just set it using the new ‘Item Order’ field on each item:

Reorder Points Program Inventory

User Profile Addresses

Additional guidance has been added to prompt users to validate their addresses before attempting to save their profile.


We can now base images off of specific language passed in as well as links (Ex. If I’m viewing the site in French, I should see the French image banner.)


If you have the standard FAQs, additional How-To videos have been added. These will be placed within custom FAQs over the next two weeks.


In your Google Analytics dashboard, you can now check for hits on the Schoolpool Download/Leave pages which are linked directly from the sent emails. This will give you more accurate counts on who all has downloaded a PDF or Opted Out of schoolpool.

  • How To: When you hop into Google Analytics you’ll see the ‘Behavior’ tab on the left. From there you’ll want to choose ‘Events -> Overview’, then ‘view full report’ on the bottom right. Within this report you’ll be able to search for ‘schoolpool’ and get a breakdown of requests made by either those coming in via email or on their platform-household interface. When you click into a specific Action, you’ll see a breakdown on a school basis.
  • Note: We will be adding more dedicated Analytics like this to other areas in the near future.


  • Reporting: Fixed Networks field sorting
  • Automatic cleanup of any TripPlans to ‘Null Island’

Launching Soon:


  • Ability to set a maximum Team size

Vanpool and Vanpool Management

  • Vanpool Stop Management
    • You will have the ability to label Vanpool stops as ‘Pickup and Dropoff’, ‘Pickup Only’, and ‘Dropoff Only’ and this will affect how users are able to match to the specific portions of a vanpool. Ex. No user will match their origin to a ‘Dropoff Only’ stop.
  • Open Seat Management
    • If you actively manage your rosters within the RideAmigos platform, you will be able to set the total allowable seats for a van and have the ‘Open Seats’ count automatically calculate based on the number of ‘active’ riders in a Van’s roster:

Vanpool Open Seat Management
  • Finding Riders
    • You will now be able to quickly filter down to riders that match the Origin/Destination radius around your Van. In the top right of the map, you’ll see an option to Apply Filter, and this will automatically filter to just the matching users. The default range is 7 miles from Origin and 1 mile from Destination:

Vanpool Radius Filter
    • Vanpool and User markers will be updated to be much clearer and differentiated
    • Curious what the distance scale is on the map? Check out the bottom left to see the current status:

Map Scale
    • Wondering if a user is flexible on their hours of work? Just add the ‘Flexible’ field to the report to check for ‘true’
  • User Dashboard
    • If a user is attached to a Van, they will now be able to see the Van information within their Favorite/Commute Trips area. This will include their status within the van, basic schedule and details, and a button to contact the Vanpool Coordinator:

Vanpool User Dashboard Card
  • Administrator User Edit Screen
    • Administrators will now be able to see what Vans a user is attached to straight from the User Edit screen:

  • Vanpool Roster and Waitlist
    • Wondering if a user is flexible on their hours of work? Just add the ‘Flexible’ field to the report to check for ‘true’