The annual Association for Commuter Transportation conference is coming up quickly, and we’ve got some really exciting announcements to share at this year’s event. You’ll have to wait just a few more weeks to find out what we have in store, but until then here are a few other recent upgrades:

Archived Challenges

Have you been running challenges on your platform for a long time? If so, you may have noticed that the user view of completed challenges can start to feel cluttered. In order to help ensure that user views are clean, concise, and relevant, we’ve added an ‘Archived’ status to challenges over a year old.

This change will clean up the ‘Completed’ view for the user, but users can still easily review older challenges by clicking a single toggle. If you want to have specific challenges archive faster than one year, we’ve got you covered. You’ll now find an additional date entry field on challenge setup pages so you can designate when the challenge should archive.

Updated Edit Pages are Live

With our latest system-wide update, we have condensed and cleaned up all edit screens across the entire platform (incentives, point programs, challenges events, surveys, admin user edit, user profiles, etc.). There are now additional validation indicators, breadcrumbs for navigation, and ways to easily see what sections of data are editable.

On the top of each edit screen, there’s now an easy marker to confirm what you are editing, and a consistent way to get back to the list of programs (ex. Click on ‘Incentives’ to go back to the Incentive list screen.)


You can also quickly scroll between sections – just click on the section name and you’ll automatically scroll to the respective area. 

We’ve got lots more in store in the weeks to come – stay tuned!