We’re speeding into summer like a cyclist late for work! (Pedaling as quickly as we can, but with appropriate caution and thoughtfulness.) There are SO many exciting things coming down the road related to RideAmigos that we can hardly contain ourselves.

Read on top learn about a huge new product feature, some style and polish updates, and news about what else is coming soon:


Do you run a program that involves a large amount of one-time trips? Need a quick and easy place for your users to see a list of all of those upcoming trips? Look no further! We’re excited to announce our new RideBoard feature. 

As of 7/31 we will be turning on one-time trip abilities by default for all systems. With this upgrade you will also have access to the RideBoard widget and feed page upon request or by direct link. If you already have one-time trips enabled and would like early access to RideBoard, submit a request here. Choose ‘turn on platform feature’ as the nature of your inquiry and 

Navigation Menu Updates

Further improving usability is a major initiative for us for Summer 2018. Our current round of updates is headlined by updated navigation structure and styling. We’ll be able to turn these new menus on for early access in approximately the next week, so feel free to send in your ‘turn on a feature’ request if you would like it earlier than the default, system-wide rollout . At the end of July we will be transitioning to this format on ALL systems.

Changes include:

  • Updated styling
    • Your brand colors will still be used and incorporated according to established guidelines and regulations
  • Condensed Categories
    • Programs – Where users will find the programs they are eligible for, such as Incentives, Challenges, and Point Programs (with a new direct link)
    • Manage – All system and network administrator links will be available right from one menu. No more digging to get to System Trip Log Reports!

New Navigation – End-User Program Menu:

New Nav Menu - User Programs

New Navigation – Administrator Manage Menu:

New Nav Menu - Manage

User Interface Style Updates

Over the coming months we’ll be launching a lot of updates to user interface components. Some updates will begin as slight changes to the current interface, which will lay the framework for a much more comprehensive interface coming later this summer. Here are the first three of these updates you’ll see very shortly on all platforms:

Pop Up Modals

Pop Up Modals such as FAQs, Trip Plan Favorites, My Statistics, and others will be moving to a new style and format. This format allows for cleaner styling, better mobile rendering, smoother animations, and a variety of standardizations for our upcoming style overhaul.

“Edit” Pages

“Edit” Pages such as Challenge, Incentives, Point Programs, Surveys, Events, and many others are getting a cohesive style and action button layout. Changes include:

  • New Save/Create/Action Button conventions
  • Sticky Action Button area (as you scroll, your actions stay with you!)
  • Form Section Headers
    • These headers will show each section of the form and also allow you to click to quickly navigate to that specific section
    • Form Validation notifiers
      • The headers you see on the right will let you know if you’ve filled out all required fields or have any validation errors

Trip Logging Calendar

We are updating the calendar to have better key-through capabilities and better design flexibility.

Login and Registration

  • New styling and design
  • Ability to discreetly manage registration steps and workflow
  • Ability to move post-registration questions into the main registration workflow to capture vital information up front
  • Greater flexibility and configurability of registration process

Check out our Office Hours Webinar for June 2018 for a preview of our new login and registration pages!

Note: Some styling shown in these release notes is not 100% final, and therefore subject to change before release. As mentioned, we’re in the midst of a comprehensive, platform-wide design update, which we’re REALLY looking forward to sharing with you later this summer.