Spring is nearly sprung! We hope your commuter programs are sailing smoothly toward warmer weather with the help of our always-improving software platform.

Here’s all the latest news out of RideAmigos Central:


  • Made a structural change to trip log reporting which should allow the reports to generate much faster, up to 2x.
  • System Admins now receive user address on CSV incentive reports for easier physical item rewarding.

Trip Logs

  • Fixed an issue affecting triplog times on trip logs made by a network manager for a select user via the Network Edit area.
  • Fixed a short-lived bug that would add a zero to the end of the distance when clicking into the specific triplog edit field.


  • Temporarily extended the cache time of Challenges leaderboards to allow for better viewing and load times.
  • Bulk Network Trip Logs are no longer affected by ‘per-day’ criteria on challenge leaderboards.


  • Updated language on event card to reflect that ‘rideshares’ are available since bikepooling may be an option as well.
  • As a System Administrator, you can now override the geo-location with explicit Latitude/Longitude pairings. A base location search of at least a City/State combination is still required for labeling purposes.

General Updates

All sites will now be using our Carpool V2 option as a default. (You probably already have this turned on.)

New Trip Search options will be going into effect on Tuesday, March 20th. New features include a category search, better results, cleaner UI. See below for example.

More upcoming previews to be shown in our next Office Hours on Wednesday, March 21st!