As we move forward into 2018 we are looking toward the future of the RideAmigos platform and how we can better serve all of our partners and end-users. One of our big projects for this year is updating our design language and user interface. The initial step in this project is a visual refresh of the user dashboard. We are implementing a veritable plethora of quick-fixes on the dashboard on January 15th. No core functionality is changing, but the the dashboard widgets are much more legible and cleaner as we begin moving towards a more extensive design update. See below for full details of the upcoming changes:

  • Previous User Dashboard Style

  • New User Dashboard Style (Jan. 2018)

What’s New

Background Imagery

  • Dashboard background map will change from color to grayscale. This de-emphasizes the background in favor of the information in front of it. This does not impact the trip planner map.
  • Added capability of using background images (or no background at all) on the dashboard. See this page for the available backgrounds

Base Widget Style

  • Widgets are no longer semi-transparent. This removes any potential issues caused by background map/image text conflicting with the necessary information contained within each widget panel.

Profile Widget

  • Removed Anonymous User icon
2018 Profile Widget

Trip Search Widget

  • New design focuses on instructions before inputting start/destination
  • Removed A/B references
  • Added button for quick quick swap of start/destination
  • Streamlined widget footer with more direct call to action
Trip Search Widget 2018

My Commutes Widget

  • (AKA Favorite Trips / Search History)
  • Extended minimum height to always show full contents of first saved commute
  • Removed ‘Search A->B’ and ‘Search B->A’ in favor of a single, consistent call to action
My Commutes Widget 2018

Commute Tracker Banner

  • Separated from Trip Log widget
  • Immediate representation that it is a mobile application
  • More direct call to action
Commute Tracker Banner 2018

Trip Log Widget

  • Circular highlights of chosen days
  • No major design changes to this widget yet. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates regarding trip logging.
Trip Log Widget 2018a

Leaderboard Widget

  • Shortened from Top 10 to Top 5

Site Footer

  • Now a true footer attached to the bottom of the page, willno longer float over any content
  • Slightly taller design now includes clearer links to pertinent site-wide support and terms

Additional Notes:

  • Default widget and button language is subject to change. Platforms already using customized widget titles or calls to action will retain their current language.
  • For platforms with custom dashboard layouts this update will not impact the placement and ordering of your widgets nor remove any custom banners. All of those items are still in place. If you are curious to see what your dashboard will look like before the changeover on January 15th, please submit a ticket here.