The idea of carpool month comes from the initiative set up by in Alberta, Canada. The overall goal is to raise awareness of carpool programs and encourage commuters to use carpooling as a method of transit. Carpooling is a fun, effective, and environmentally-friendly way to get to work and commute.

By participating in carpools, commuters can experience greater socialization with co-workers, save money on gas and wear-and-tear to their vehicles by sharing the costs with another rider, and also help protect the environment! In some large metro areas, carpooling commuters will also be able to make use of the less-trafficked HOV lanes. Employers also benefit from having employees carpool as workers are likely to be more productive and miss fewer hours at work due to traffic and roadway delays, and carpooling will also free up parking spaces at the office which can be used for customers, visitors, or re-purposed altogether.

Follow this recipe to set up a challenge, engage users, and watch them compete to log the most carpool trips!

Quick Carpool Month Stew

AKA Setting up a Carpool Month Challenge
  1. Create a Carpool challenge using the RideAmigos Tools menu.
  2. Educate employees about their carpooling options and encourage them to carpool to and from work.
  3. Remind employees to join the challenge and log their trips in order to participate.
  4. Observe the results, statistics, and overall impact of the challenge.
  5. Survey employees about their experience and track if they plan to continue carpooling.
  6. This hearty, satisfying recipe is best made once per year.
    • Delicious variations for other seasons include bike-to-work month, public transit month, etc.

If you need any more motivation to set up a Carpool Month initiative, check out this article from South Florida Commuter Services of the Florida Department of Transportation which contains 13 fun facts about carpooling!