Preferential parking includes any dedicated parking space allotted to vehicles used for carpooling or vanpooling. Most often, preferential parking is located in premium locations close to the workplace entrance, under shelter from inclement weather, etc. When the best parking spots are visibly reserved for this purpose, employees are more encouraged to find a carpool or vanpool to join (or to continue with their current ridesharing arrangement!)

An increase in carpools and vanpools won’t only reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles (SOV) at your workplace. Over time it will also reduce the overall need for additional parking, which means even more money saved. While providing preferential parking takes some investment upfront to be successful, the returns over the long-run will certainly be worth it! Ready to get started? Here’s an easy recipe:

Penne alla Parking Preferenziale

AKA Preferential Parking for Carpools & Vanpools
  1. Designate parking spots for vanpool or carpool use only.
  2. Notify employees of  this new arrangement.
  3. Educate employees about their options to carpool and vanpool within the RideAmigos Platform.
  4. Verify that vehicles taking advantage of preferential parking are associated with a carpool or a vanpool.
  5. Observe and review the results of this program:
    • Is parking for rideshare vehicles always full? Carpoolers hungry for good spots left unsatisfied?
    • If so, consider cranking out another batch of this crowd-favorite recipe.

Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way! To see some of the organizations currently using preferential parking to get results, check out the links below: