Site Administrators: Manage > Tools > Proxy As User

Advanced Network Managers: Manage > Admin Dashboard > Members > “Proxy As User” Link

The ability to proxy as a user is a powerful tool for assisting users and troubleshooting problems.

This tool allows an administrator to temporarily log in as another user to see from their perspective while interacting with the site.

While proxied as a user, everything you do will be as if that user has done it, so be cautious of any changes you make. Note that the following instructions are inaccurrate for advanced network managers. If you have that level of permissions, you’ll want to click the link to proxy as one of your network members from the admin dashboard.

  1. Search for the user you would like to proxy as
  2. Click Proxy as User, you will then be logged in as that user
  3. Complete any items necessary as that user
  4. Log out of that user’s account
  5. You are automatically logged back into your admin account

Be sure to remember to log out of the proxied account before closing your window, or you may still be logged in as the user when you return to your site!