How to get from Here to There

RideAmigos provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you plan and prepare for trips, particularly commute trips (trips you take on a regular schedule) and one-time trips. 

The easiest way to start is by saving your trip as soon as you sign up or by clicking Let’s Go on the My Commute widget.

You can also review your travel options before you save your commute by entering your origin and destination locations into the trip planner. This can be done in one of two locations:

From the home page:

From your user dashboard:

Along the left side of the screen are different transportation mode options for getting from Point A to Point B.

These options depend upon your specific locations, and may include additional modes to those shown here, as well as employer shuttles where available. By clicking on a mode, you see all the results and options associated with that mode, as well as the various routes on the map to the right.  

Save Your Commute, Share Your Commute

If you haven’t saved your commute already, you can click the star icon at the top left of the page to add this to My Commutes as a favorite trip.

Saving your commute gives you quick access to up-to-date trip options via the My Commute widget on your user dashboard, lets you share your trip and invite other users to join your trip, and makes trip logging simple and quick.

You can also save your trip using the “Start a Carpool” button. Either method will allow you to create a saved trip that can be shared with other users interested in carpooling (or bikepooling!).

For more information about carpooling and bikepooling, visit our pages on how to find, join, and create a carpool or bikepool.