A challenge is a program where users compete as individuals, teams, and/or organizations against each other to see who can win! It’s a fun way to encourage smart commuters who are seasoned veterans or just-starting rookies to make an extra push to commute sustainably.

Many organizations run annual, seasonal, or even monthly commuter challenges such as bike month, try transit, smart commute challenges, and more.

How to participate in challenges using RideAmigos

Start by navigating to the challenges area by clicking Programs > Challenges in the top menu.

(If your site doesn’t have challenges under the programs area of the top menu, your organization may not run challenges, or they may appear as special links on your user dashboard.)

Active Challenges

By default, you will arrive in the Active tab of the challenges area.

Some challenges will automatically enroll all eligible users. These challenges will automatically appear in the Active area.

Available Challenges

For challenges that require you to join, you’ll need to start by finding them in the Available tab. You may be eligible for multiple challenges, so be sure to look for and use the blue arrows to navigate between options.

Once you find a challenge that you want to participate in, click Join.

Note: you can join challenges before the starting date for eligible trips – no need to wait ’till the last minute!

Completed Challenges

Once a challenge has ended, it will appear in the Completed tab.

Participating in Team Challenges

Some challenges allow users to create and join teams to compete against one another. If your challenge supports teams, after joining you’ll see a green “Create Team” button where the “Join” button would otherwise be. If you don’t want to create a team, but want to join a team someone else has created, someone already on the team will need to send you a special link to invite you to join.

Learn more about team challenges.

Stats and Leaderboards

On the right side of each challenge screen, you’ll find overall and personal impact stats.

While some sites feature small challenge leaderboards on the user dashboard, to access any challenge’s full leaderboard, click the corresponding “View Leaderboard” button.

If your challenge features multiple leaderboards, you can choose between Leading Participants, Teams, or Networks

Leaderboards can be a great way to promote a challenge to your friends. Just share the leaderboard page URL with them via email or social media. They can see the impact you’re a part of and can sign up to join the challenge too!