Using our custom API, RideAmigos can work with you to gather data from facilities like parking garages and gated parking lots and translate that often-neglected data into triplogs in your RideAmigos system.

These data sources can dramatically streamline your users’ trip logging by automating tracking basic commute trips. Your transportation demand managers will also benefit from a more complete picture of the commuting habits of commuters.

For an example of how this can work, check out our Coffee Talk with MIT.

Parking Garage and Bus Stop
Parking Lot

The available options for integrating with parking facilities depends primarily on the data generated by your particular system.

As long as your system outputs a data stream where individual entries and exits can be associated with particular users that exist within your RideAmigos-based platform, chances are high we can make a connection.

Once you’re set up, parking data can be used for auto-generating trips and tracking parking facility usage for programs like parking cash-outs.

Parking integration can be built into your RideAmigos system prior to launch or added to an existing system. Because it requires custom implementation based on your specific infrastructure, parking integration requires additional scoping, planning, and development.

Ready to start a conversation about setting up parking integration? Submit a ticket and we’ll get the ball rolling.