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May 22, 2019
12:30 PM Pacific / 3:30 PM Eastern



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How to implement your own bonus day program

Here’s the basic process for implementing the bonus point program described in the webinar:

  1. Let users know they can start earning points for logging trips that take place on bonus days.
  2. Determine how soon after the bonus day the user has to log the trip into the system to receive credit. (E.g. by the end of the week / before the start of the next week.)
  3. Once per week process the users who logged trips on eligible days.

And here’s how that processing would work:

  1. Open the Point Program Triplog report and User Points Report (this will be easiest if you open each in a separate tab.)
  2. On the Triplog report, add the Date Time column and do a search for trips that took place on a bonus day.
  3. Click the Copy Email Addresses button to generate a list of all the users who logged a trip that day, then on the User Points Report paste the copied list of user emails into the Email column and click Filter.
  4. Click Edit Points, enter the number of extra points you want to give to each user, and click Calculate Adjustments. Be sure to click Save to commit the changes.

For additional days, just follow steps 2-4 for each day you want to give users extra points for.

One caveat: this workflow is for giving a set number of extra points to users who have logged at least one valid trip on a bonus day. You can also add additional criteria (e.g. specific modes, minimum distance), however you cannot yet specify a minimum number of trips taken on the bonus day as part of eligibility for bonus points.