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Coffee Talk is our monthly (approximately) opportunity to learn and share about maximizing the abilities of the RideAmigos platform with other TDM professionals around the world. We’ve been hosting these Coffee Talks for a while now, and they’ve proven to be an incredibly effective way to collaborate, solve problems, and strategize.

As the RideAmigos community continues to grow, we’ve identified another way to maximize our (and your) efforts at transforming transportation.

Introducing: Coffee Talk X

Much like our original Coffee Talks are inspired by a variety of sources, from industry user groups, Saturday Night Live, thought-leader videos, and beyond, the Coffee Talk X concept draws from another of our favorite movements: TEDx.

As TEDx is to TED talks and conferences, Coffee Talk X is to Coffee Talk. Whereas our main Coffee Talks will continue to focus on featuring and connecting with our direct partners and clients, Coffee Talk X events will be hosted and led by RideAmigos partners with the goal of reaching their particular audiences.

For example, our first Coffee Talk X was led by Peter Williamson from SLOCOG with a focus on connecting with the network managers and administrators that help run their mutli-site TDM program (using RideAmigos, of course!) By focusing specifically on the SLOCOG audience, Peter was able to give updates about their local programs, answer questions, and give pointers about how to use RideAmigos to make the most out of their upcoming Rideshare week, in addition to giving tutorials on using our network, challenge, and incentive modules.

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