Networks & Subnetworks

Have a conglomerate of users that you’d like to be able to report on as one large group? Networks are here to help! Just create your network, have your users join, and you’re set to go!

Network Hierarchy:

Parent Networks are top level networks that may have multiple networks that feed into them (subnetworks). Managers of Parent Networks are able to create their own subnetworks for any of their own Parent Networks.

Subnetworks are secondary level networks that have all the same privileges as Parent networks except for the fact that they can not have any additional networks feed into them, but any user that joins a Subnetwork automatically is assigned to the Parent Network as well. It is perfect for

  1. larger employers with many locations (hospitals) or large campuses (universities)
  2. end users wanting to match at site/building level
  3. employers wanted reporting for different locations and overall

Network Types:

Program networks: formed around promotions or special programs. (e.g. “36 Prize Riders” and “Every Trip Counts.”)

Organizational networks: managed by organizations (e.g. company, church, university ETCs).  Based on organization name and location, Employers may have multiple locations.

Office park or building networks.: A cluster of organizational networks, and/or non-networked employees, that share the same office park or building: May include multiple addresses/buildings (e.g. “Denver West Office Park,”  “Union Boulevard,” etc…).

Schoolpool network:  A school network designed for use with the tracking platform, unassociated with the schoolpool platform

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